Can You Incorporate Alcohol Into A Healthy Diet?

Alcohol is one of the first things that people cut out when they are trying to lose weight because it has a lot of calories. But do you really have to give up alcohol completely if you want to stay healthy? 

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Most people enjoy a drink from time to time and that’s fine. It’s a good way to relax and unwind with friends, so you shouldn’t cut it out completely if you don’t want to. But how can you drink alcohol and stay healthy at the same time? Here’s how to fit alcohol into your diet without ruining it. 

Understand The Impact On Your Body 

If you want to manage your alcohol intake and drink alcohol in a healthy way, it’s important that you understand the impact on your body. The effects of alcohol are numerous and extend far beyond the initial feeling of drunkenness. Alcohol often makes you feel hungry and your inhibitions are lowered, so people tend to binge on junk food after drinking. There are also mental health effects that come from drinking too much as well. Understanding the different ways that alcohol impacts the body will help you to identify any problems that are caused by your drinking, making it easier to maintain a healthy level. 

Adjust Your Exercise Routine

If you are getting extra calories from alcohol, it’s important that you adjust your exercise routine to account for it. You may decide that you want to start exercising daily instead of every few days. This will balance out the calories from a few drinks and prevent you from gaining weight. However, this will only work if you drink in moderation and it won’t work if you are drinking excessively on a regular basis. 

Think Of It As An ‘Extra’ 

The way to make sure that you can fit alcohol into your diet without exceeding your calorie intake is to think of it as an extra. It’s something that you have after you have given your body everything else it needs. So, if you have eaten all of your meals for the day and you still have extra calories leftover, then you can afford to have a few drinks. It’s best to use a calorie counter app to make sure that you are not exceeding your recommended daily calories when you have a drink, so you can still meet your weight loss goals. 

Go For Quality Over Quantity 

If you are drinking alcohol as an extra treat, it’s better to go for quality over quantity. Drinking a lot of cheap alcohol just boosts your calories and increases the negative health effects. But if you invest in a nice bottle of wine or some craft beer, you can spend the same amount on fewer drinks. This is better for your health and you can savor it instead of drinking lots of empty calories. 


If you are on a diet, you should be careful with alcohol because it’s very high in calories and has a lot of other health effects. However, if you follow these steps, you can make it part of a healthy diet. 

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