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The Big 4-0!

LOL! Wow, even as I say it–I can hardly believe it…LOL! Yesterday (Dec. 15th), I turned 40! I feel no different, and it’s not really a huge deal to me….but I can’t believe it because…well….life goes by SO fast! I had a nice day with my family. My hubby &…

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Sharing a Birthday lunch photo!

A photo from Jace’s (belated) Birthday lunch! This is my hubby Jace & his mom! 🙂 We were all at Dave’s Famous BBQ! We love that place! This was taken 2 weekends ago! Jace turned 38 on Sept. 3rd! :cake:

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September already!?

How did Summer go by so fast? I mean, it really flew by this year! I have to say though, I am excited for fall. Cool crisp air, pumpkins, leaves, and all of the wonderful things that come with my favorite season-Autumn! School has started & Jacey is really enjoying…

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Happy Birthday, Jacey!

Today-5 years ago, my oldest daughter, Jacey was born. Time has flown by so fast, but it has been a WONDERFUL 5 years. Jacey is the sweetest, most caring little girl-and we love her so much! :heart: :cake: :present: :heart: My–has she changed in 5 years! 😉

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Party Day!

The day has come for Jacey’s 5th Birthday party! I can’t believe it’s already here! Let’s hope for nice weather, since her party is going to be outside on our deck. 🙂 I know she is so excited about today. I will share pics later! As for now-I need to…

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A Birthday Wish List

Jacey has a birthday coming up-very soon-so I made this wish list for her of things she loves and would love to have! :cake: :heart: :present: Jacey’s Wish List by dacotahsgirl

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The Birthday Girl

Just a couple of pics of our now 2 year old-Jadyn Rose. She is such a sweetheart!

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She's almost 2!

I can’t believe it’s been nearly 2 years already! My littlest is growing up. She turns 2 on March 16th. Tomorrow on March 14th, we are having her Birthday Party. Just a small one with family. She’s excited about her party, too! When I ask Jadyn what she wants for…

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Brian is 20!

I totally meant to post these sooner, but better late than never I suppose! On August 1st, Brian (my son) turned 20! On the Friday before his birthday, he came over and we all had supper & cake. He also hung out with us for awhile, and the girls had…

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A party for Jacey!

My sweet Jacey turns 4 tomorrow on July 1st. We had a party for her last Sunday on June 28th. It was such a blast! She had a “Wow Wow Wubbzy” party…and just loved it. Her grandma Janet made her a “Daizy” cake. Daizy is a character on Wow Wow…

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A party weekend!

As you know, we had Jadyn’s 1st Birthday party on Saturday the 14th. Her grandma & grandpa D. came down for a couple of days to help us celebrate. Our neighbors Tadd, Darla & Ryleigh came over to celebrate with us as well. We all had a fun time-and Jadyn…

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A few party pics!

Jadyn’s Birthday party was this past Saturday-and it was tons of fun! Here are just a few photos… Jadyn TORE up that cake so fast! It was hilarious! She was REALLY into it. Very unlike Jacey at her 1st birthday party. Jacey didn’t want to get messy–but Jadyn was all…

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Happy 1st Birthday Jadyn Rose!

Jadyn Rose born March 16, 2008 @ 12:35 p.m. on a Sunday! She weighed 8 lbs 8 ounces and was 20 1/8 inches long! Today she is ONE! My, this year has gone by so fast! I remember going to the hospital, and being so anxious to meet her! 😀…

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Finalizing details

I can hardly believe Jadyn is nearly ONE year old! She turns one on March 16th! Where has my baby gone!? We are having her party on Saturday March 14th. Nothing big, just a few friends and family. I got the cakes ordered this past weekend. A cake for everyone…

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