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It’s cookie time!

Can you believe Christmas is so close now? I love this time of year! I just wanted to do a quick post to share some photos. Every year we like to make Christmas cookies – all different kinds! Last night we made sugar cookies. To be totally honest, Jace and the girls made these cookies. {I made the frosting.} 😉

Have a very Merry Christmas! 😀 read more

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Creating The Cosiest of Christmases

During December, chances are you will be spending a lot of time at home. If you’re lucky you’ll be off work for a week or two, you’ll have visits from friends and family and generally be enjoying the festive period at home. So getting it as cosy, warm and inviting as possible is crucial! When the weather outside is frightful (as per the song) here’s how you can make your home cosy for Christmas.

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Take A Leaf Out Of Clark Griswold’s Book This Christmas

For many Americans, watching National Lampoon’s Christmas Vacation is something of a family tradition. If you’ve never seen it, one of the main plot points is that Clark, the lovable Dad is eager to make Christmas magical by using his bonus to buy a pool. The bonus never arrives of course, and it leads to various comical events, but at one point in the film, you do see this dad’s vision of what a pool could bring to his family home.

In the summer, it seems to be the perfect place for the kids to play and the adults to relax. It’s also a place where the extended family can come together and have fun as a group. It’s a rather enticing image and one that perhaps you have considered before. But could you make it a reality for your family this Christmas? read more

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Creative Craft Gift Ideas The Whole Family Will Enjoy

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Christmas is a lovely time of year for all the family to come together and give thanks for all the wonderful moments you’ve had through the past year. It’s a time for giving, and showing how much love you have for the special people in your life. Even though it’s the thought that counts, there is nothing quite as special as making a gift with your own two hands. Here are some craft ideas – which if you’re quick – you could have all finished and wrapped for the big day. Never mind hitting the busy shops, get your (Source) needles out and relax. read more

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Simple DIY Gift Wrapping Ideas For Christmas

I hate wrapping gifts, everybody else seems to get it nice and neat with ease, while mine come out as a crumpled mess. If only there were more interesting, and sometimes easier ways to do it. I’ve got good news for you, there is! There are plenty of simple DIY craft projects you can do to make some great alternatives to wrapping paper. These are some of the best ones.

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The Meaning of the Snowflake…

The Meaning of the Snowflake read more

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Merry Christmas!

May you all have a peaceful and blessed Christmas! See ya next year! 😉

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A bit of Holiday Fun: Cookie Houses!

Okay, I say “cookie” houses because none of these were made with gingerbread.

Jace decorated a chocolate one, Jacey, a Hello Kitty…and Jadyn, a Shopkins house. They were so fun {even though they were not gingerbread – gingerbread is MY favorite!} 🙂 read more

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Christmas Paper!

Every year I like to choose a theme for my wrapping paper, gift bags, etc. Am I the only one? HA!
Maybe it’s not as much a theme as it is a color scheme. This year I wanted to go for more muted, natural colors with a bit of vintage. I love these colors together. 🙂

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The Meaning of the Snowflake

I saw this online today and I really liked it. A beautiful poem that was on a Christmas card. Enjoy! 🙂

Snowflake meaning read more

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Easy Christmas Treats!

Yesterday, I wanted to make some Christmas treats that didn’t involve a whole lot of mess making..LOL! Something that my girls could help with and enjoy doing. I decided to make “Christmas Kisses” and “Turtle Pretzels.”

Don’t they look mouth watering? 🙂 read more

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Oh Christmas Tree!

December Pics

I found this lovely poem online and thought I would share along with a photo of our Christmas Tree. 😉 read more

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5 Things I Love About Christmas!

Just wanted to make a fun list! How about you? What are your favorite things about Christmas? 😀

{You can click to view larger}

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Merry Christmas – Best Wishes to you!

Christmas table

Just wanted to wish you, all of my readers, family and friends–a very Merry Christmas! Have a beautiful holiday! read more

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Christmas Time Activities & Pics

Just wanted to share a few photos with you! This is a pic of my oldest daughter, Jacey in her beautiful gold dress. We were on our way to the Christmas Program at Church.

Jacey  :) read more