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We hope your Christmas was Merry & bright!

I can’t believe Christmas is already over! A new year is upon us, and going into this new year we should always keep in mind the true meaning of Christmas. It is something that we should always remember and be thankful for, not just this time of year, but year…

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Merry Christmas!

Matthew 1:21 And she shall bring forth a son, and thou shalt call his name JESUS: for He shall save His people from their sins. Have a blessed Christmas!

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Baking & decorating {with mom}

Mmmm….spice cupcakes with cream cheese frosting, topped with little sugar gingerbread people {& pets!} 🙂 The girls had fun making {and eating} these! 😀

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This year's wrapping paper selections….

Every year I go with a color scheme or a theme with my wrapping paper, gift bags, etc. Yes, call me crazy, but I like doing it that way. BUT…this year, I let that whole idea go and let the girls choose their favorite wrapping paper. I chose a couple…

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100 Inspiring Holiday Card Photos {from Tinyprints}

It’s time for Christmas card photos! Have you done yours yet? We actually got ours done early this year (yay), and I’ve already ordered and received them. Phew! I’m glad that is done, haha! Do you need some inspiration? Want to find some fun and unique ways to do family…

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Christmas Ornament Wreath

A post from the past…remember this post? Just sharing again since it is Christmas time! 😀 Isn’t this the neatest thing!? I’ve seen these before and thought that they looked so elegant. This year I wanted to try it myself, so I did! This one is mine! I just love…

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Catch Santa {in your photo!} Your kids will love this!

Want to catch Santa in your home–in your photo? Wouldn’t it be a fun surprise to add Santa to your family photo? Well, you can with this super fun website: At you upload a photo, any photo you like of your family, your kids, or a photo of…

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{Great} Bible Verses for Christmas Cards

Every year, I go through trying to decide on a design for our family Christmas card. {I’ll address that in another post.} 😉 I always like to add a Bible verse in our card, after all, Christmas is all about the birth of Jesus Christ-our Saviour and God’s promises. So……..

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My Little Pony-Equestria Girls

My girls love these dolls & have them on their Christmas wish list! They are new to me, I haven’t seen them until yesterday..but I kinda love them too! 🙂 How could you not? Rainbow Dash is a favorite of mine. I have always loved Rainbow Dash the Pony, and…

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60 Printable Christmas Party Games!

I am always looking out for fun games and printables for my girls. They love to color, love trivia, and love games in general. Imagine how excited I was to come across all of these super fun Christmas Party games. They are perfect for your kids {young & old}, family…

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Just a shoutout! [Kaboodle]

Had to post this! Thank you friends at Kaboodle for the goodies for Christmas. You guys totally rock! I adore the personalized bag, and the harmonica necklace is so cute & quirky. My girls love it, too…LOL! I also cannot wait to do my nails with the 3 in 1…

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Christmas Eve cookies!

Jace, the girls & I had a fun time making these cookies. The girls loved cutting out the shapes with cookie cutters and loved decorating them, too! They had their little fingers all in that dough and sugar, sneaking in tastes here & there. I mean, who wouldn’t right!? Hehe!…

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Jadyn's Preschool Christmas program

Jadyn’s Christmas program was this past Friday.Thankfully, she was feeling good on this day. [This was just before she got sick again.] 🙁 It was a cute program! I went, but Jason had to stay home with Jacey who was sick. Surely, I took video and pics, and here are…

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A busy time of year!

Between all of the festivities and my girls taking turns being sick over the last week, I have really had no time to blog. There is so much I need to catch up on and want to post! Maybe I will start now with some of the recipes we’ve made!…

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We love Christmas Decor!

Whenever we go out in the stores, my girls LOVE to look at all of the different types of Christmas decor. Here are a few pics taken at Menard’s. They always have SO much fun stuff there for Christmas! 🙂 Jacey loves these “Nutcrackers”. This one is huge and quite…

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