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Ornament Christmas Tree

This is a super fun craft to do! Make a little Christmas tree out of ornaments! I first saw this done by Dominique at Dollar Designs. She makes everything look so easy…LOL! I added a few little fuzzy balls around my tree, too….just to add that something extra. I didn’t…

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Ornament Wreath

Isn’t this the neatest thing!? I’ve seen these before and thought that they looked so elegant. This year I wanted to try it myself, so I did! This one is mine! I just love traditional Christmas colors, and I love how it turned out. It was really easy, too! I…

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From new to old….

I finally found the antiquing glaze I was looking for, after checking like 4 or 5 stores! In Menards, they had no idea what I was talking about (weird!), and our Walmart stores don’t carry it. I found it at Lowe’s. Anyway…I had 2 angel figurines that I found at…

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Another batch of crayons!

Last time we made these crayons, it seemed like I had to really look hard for broken crayons…LOL! This time around, I decided to make these because we had so many broken crayons. Here’s our 2nd batch! A tip if you make these: Cheap crayons (the more waxier ones) don’t…

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100th day of school [project]

The 100th day of school is fast approaching, so Jacey’s teacher gave everyone a project to do. Jacey was supposed to create a collage of 100 items (all of the same item), to celebrate the 100th day of school. This is what we did! 🙂 A collage made out of…

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Valentine's Day Crafts

With Valentine’s Day soon approaching, I’ve been thinking of some cute crafts my girls and I can make. I also want to do something fun and creative for Jacey’s Kindergarten class (that we can do together). Here are a few super cute ideas I have come across. I think we…

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Making Crayons

Recently, my girls and I made homemade crayons. Well, not 100% home-made, but we made crayons from broken crayons. 🙂 This is actually our 2nd attempt. Months ago I made them and used tin foil to line the muffin tin, and didn’t like the way they came out. They just…

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Creative Christmas Card Displays

Looking for a way to display those Christmas cards? Here are a few neat ideas…. Creative Card Displays from My Lifetime Christmas Card Displays from Family Fun Display Ideas from BH&G I really like these Ideas! I also like the idea of displaying them in a basket with a pretty…

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Being adventurous!

I am gonna make Christmas stockings for the family! I bought felt, yarn, and all the necessary stuff to create our own personalized stockings. I am going to do the sewing part, but will let Jacey help, too! Okay, so I am not a “sewing person”…but I can do a…

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Crafts with cans!

Just recently I thought that instead of tossing out my coffee cans, I should put them to use! This is probably the easiest craft you can do! I cleaned out the coffee can thoroughly, dried it well, then took some decorative paper (I used some of my scrap-book paper) and…

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Pumpkin Candleholders

Cute and very easy to do! Just cut a hole in the top of your mini-pumpkin, so that the candle fits snugly, and insert your taper candle! :yes: I like these, they are so different and fun for fall! 🙂

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Fun Fall Crafts for Kids

Just wanted to share a few of the fun crafts for kids, that I found on KABOOSE! These are ones I plan on doing with my girls! 🙂 –> Leafy Door Hanger –> Paper Plate Sunflower –> Fall Fingerprint tree –> Paper Bag Pumpkin Craft I will share pics as…

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Bead Crafts

Lately I’ve been making more jewelry, and Jacey (my 5 year old) has shown an interest in it as well. So, I’ve looked around the web for different jewelry patterns and such. It is so much fun making jewelry for my girls….and with my oldest as well 😀 This is…

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A fun project!

These are just a few of the salt dough ornaments we made. I tried a new “microwave” recipe this year-which was way quicker! Although I have to say that the ornaments puffed up just a little bit-instead of remaining completely flat. It wasn’t THAT big of a deal–we had fun!…

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Our star ornaments

These are the ornaments that Jacey & I baked. She & her daddy decorated them. Aren’t they cute? 🙂 It was a lot of fun! We actually have a few more to decorate, and will probably do that later today. 😉

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