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Slowing Down This Year to Enjoy God and Your Loved Ones

Life can certainly come at you fast. With the start of a New Year, you may feel overwhelmed by an anxiousness convincing you that you need to put yourself into overdrive in order to make the most out of the time you’ve been given. While slowing down may not allow you to get the most done in a little amount… Read more »

ESV Prayer Bible {Review}

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“A triumph of scholarship.” ―Leland Ryken, Emeritus Professor of English, Wheaton College The ESV Prayer Bible was created to help you reflect on God’s Word through prayer. With 400+ historical prayers linked to key passages throughout the biblical text, this volume demonstrates the connection between the words God has spoken to us in the Bible and the words we speak back to him… Read more »

31 Verses to Write on Your Heart {Book Review}

This is a great book for helping you memorize scripture. An easy read….very inspirational and well-written. It is a great book and a wonderful author that has a way with words. It is both entertaining and uplifting! 🙂 Available on 🙂 Title: 31 Verses to Write on Your Heart Author: Liz Curtis Higgs Here are the words of hope… Read more »

The Gift of Heaven {Book Review}

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The Gift of Heaven by Charles F. Stanley Book Description Dr. Charles Stanley is one of the most recognizable teachers and pastors in the world, having sold more than 11 million books through HarperCollins Christian Publishing. The Gift of Heaven, his first book on heaven, answers a strong felt need among consumers who have questions about God and what happens… Read more »

The King James Study Bible, Full-Color Edition {Review}

From the moment I laid eyes on this Bible, I loved it! It is pretty much all that I want in a Bible. *Larger text for me is always a good thing! 🙂 *I love that it is a study Bible *It has full color images and maps and so much more! This is a nice thick Bible in the… Read more »

5 Fun Ways To Get More Involved With Your Faith

image source Going to church more often or praying more regularly aren’t the only ways of getting closer to God. There are plenty of fun activities out there for those wanting to get more involved with their faith. You may be able to find such an event or club near to you or even organise your own faith-based activity. Here… Read more »

100 Favorite Bible Verses {Book Review}

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Title: 100 Favorite Bible Verses Author: Thomas Nelson Genre: Religion Publisher: HarperCollins Christian Publishing Release Date: 2017-08 Pages: 224 Often readers don’t know which Bible verses to start with, and this book curates 100 of the best loved verses, adds a short application, and surrounds each scripture with lovely botanical-themed artwork. It is a lovely gift for any home! This… Read more »