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ESV Prayer Bible {Review}

“A triumph of scholarship.” ―Leland Ryken, Emeritus Professor of English, Wheaton College read more

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Slowing Down This Year to Enjoy God and Your Loved Ones

Life can certainly come at you fast. With the start of a New Year, you may feel overwhelmed by an anxiousness convincing you that you need to put yourself into overdrive in order to make the most out of the time you’ve been given. While slowing down may not allow you to get the most done in a little amount of time, it will help you make the most out of the moments God has blessed you with. This year, take the initiative to pause and stay in the moment in order to strengthen your relationship with faith and enjoy your loved ones more deeply.

Make your family’s health a priority
read more

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31 Verses to Write on Your Heart {Book Review}

This is a great book for helping you memorize scripture. An easy read….very inspirational and well-written. It is a great book and a wonderful author that has a way with words. It is both entertaining and uplifting! 🙂

Available on 🙂

31 Verses to Write on Your Heart Book Cover


31 Verses to Write on Your Heart


Liz Curtis Higgs

Here are the words of hope you're looking for when your faith needs a boost or a friend needs encouragement. Chosen by more than a thousand women as their favorite verses in the Bible, each one is worth learning, worth sharing, worth remembering, You'll find verses you already know and love: "I can do all this through him who gives me strength" (Philippians 4:13). Others may be less familiar but are no less powerful: "Fear of man will prove to be a snare, but whoever trusts in the Lord is kept safe" (Proverbs 29:25). All of them capture the truth of God's goodness, mercy, and love for His own. Best-selling author Liz Curtis Higgs invites you to experience-- A deeper, richer understanding of thirty-one treasured verses. A fresh look at how these timeless truths can impact your life. A new passion for memorizing Scripture, verse by verse. Thirty-one creative ways to keep them in your heart forever. With a Study Guide included, 31 Verses to Write on Your Heart is a daily devotional and a small group Bible study, wrapped in a lovely gift book overflowing with joy!

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Happy Valentine’s Day!

John 13:34 King James Version (KJV)

A new commandment I give unto you, That ye love one another; as I have loved you, that ye also love one another.

Happy Valentine’s Day! Remember…we love because HE first loved us! 🙂

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The Gift of Heaven {Book Review}

The Gift of Heaven by Charles F. Stanley

Book Description

Dr. Charles Stanley is one of the most recognizable teachers and pastors in the world, having sold more than 11 million books through HarperCollins Christian Publishing. The Gift of Heaven, his first book on heaven, answers a strong felt need among consumers who have questions about God and what happens after we die. Drawn from a popular sermon series that Dr. Charles Stanley delivered at First Baptist Church in Atlanta, Georgia, this teaching has never before been available in book form. The Gift of Heaven will appeal broadly to existing fans of Dr. Stanley as well as believers and nonbelievers alike who have questions about heaven.

Messages on Heaven, one of Dr. Stanley’s most-loved sermon series, has touched thousands of churchgoers with its encouraging, instructive teaching. Newly adapted for print for the first time, The Gift of Heaven will include topics such as:

-Heaven Is a Gift and a Relationship
-A Place Prepared for You
-What Will Be in Heaven? (and What Will Not)
-Those You Love in Heaven
-The Door to Heaven Is Open
-The Best Is Yet to Come

This beautifully designed, four-color gift book will be a source of encouragement and inspiration for the weary traveler on earth who seeks his heavenly home. With similar design elements to those that made Christmas: A Gift for Every Heart so successful with a wide audience, The Gift of Heaven will be both visually appealing and theologically compelling.

Dr. Stanley’s proven history of sales, combined with a compelling topic and excellent design, will carry this book through evergreen sales for years to come.

I really love this book! It is filled with beautiful photography and is such a wonderful read. Ever wondered about Heaven? Well, Charles F. Stanley explores a lot of the questions that you may have about Heaven. This book would be a wonderful addition to your library and would make an excellent gift!

The Gift of Heaven//

The Gift of Heaven//

Thank you for providing me with a copy of this book.

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Ecclesiastes 3:11 Scripture Art {Latest}

Another. Enjoy! 🙂


Click thumbnail below to download full image. Free for personal use only.

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Psalm 119:103 Scripture Art

Hi everyone! One of my latest that I made 🙂


Click thumbnail below to download full size image. Free for personal use only.

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The King James Study Bible, Full-Color Edition {Review}

From the moment I laid eyes on this Bible, I loved it! It is pretty much all that I want in a Bible.

*Larger text for me is always a good thing! 🙂
*I love that it is a study Bible
*It has full color images and maps
and so much more!

This is a nice thick Bible in the King James translation. This has quickly become my favorite Bible. I highly recommend it. There is so much information inside to help you understand the scripture, and visually it is beautiful! 🙂

A little more about this Bible:

Standing apart from all other KJV study Bibles on the market, the King James Study Bible, Full Color Edition is the only Bible featuring extensive commentary, doctrinal notes, archaeological insights, and time-tested study aids developed exclusively for the King James Version. Now available with stunning full-color designs, Holy Land images, classic works of art, charts, and maps, the King James Study Bible, Full Color Edition guides you through the vivid beauty and authority of God’s Word as you grow in your biblical knowledge.

For over a quarter of a century, Thomas Nelson has earned the trust of millions with the best-selling King James Study Bible, offering the standard of conservative KJV scholarship. Our tradition and commitment to KJV study continues with the release of the King James Study Bible, Full Color Edition.

Features include:

Beautiful full-color throughout
5,700 authoritative and study notes
Center-column references with translation notes
Hundreds of color maps and charts
Over 100 archaeological notes
Over 100 personality profiles
Over 200 notes on Christian doctrines
Easy-to-navigate topical indexes
Book introductions and outlines
Word-study concordance
Time-honored KJV Bible text

I am so happy that I was chosen to receive this beautiful Bible. Thank you!

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5 Fun Ways To Get More Involved With Your Faith

image source

Going to church more often or praying more regularly aren’t the only ways of getting closer to God. There are plenty of fun activities out there for those wanting to get more involved with their faith. You may be able to find such an event or club near to you or even organise your own faith-based activity. Here are just a few ideas that could be worth looking into.

Community cookouts

A community cookout involves gathering fellow members of your community and preparing and eating food together. Everyone can bring food to share or pay a donation, part of which can go to food whilst the rest could go to a charitable cause. Such events are great for encouraging community spirit and meeting new people.

Peace Leagues

A ‘Peace League’ is an all-Christian sports club. They generally consist of members from a local church. Starting a peace league and competing against sports clubs in your area could be a way of associating with fellow Christians in a fun environment. This can be any sport you desire. The Fellowship of Christian Athletes is a good place to look for Christian sports opportunities across the country.

Art clubs

For those that are creative-minded, there are plenty of faith-based art clubs and festivals around to choose from. These clubs and events are another opportunity to get together with fellow Christians whilst developing your skills as an artist. On top of visual arts, there are also many musical clubs and events such as Christian music festivals, as well as choirs and bands to join of all musical styles.

Group retreats

An ideal activity for families is a Christian retreat. These are essentially faith-based holidays in which you’ll stay in a camp or residence with other families. Such retreats often facilities such as swimming pools and free catering whilst offering plenty of faith-based activities throughout the day. There are group retreats all across the world, all of different sizes.

Charity work

Charity work can be a way of giving whilst also having fun yourself. It all depends on the type of charity event that you decide upon. For example, you could go on a mission abroad and help a struggling community offering the chance to travel and meet new people. This is common amongst young adults and could include anything from helping to build a well to teaching English to kids. There are meanwhile plenty of local charity event ideas to choose from. You can organise a fair that raises money for a cause. Alternatively, you could work with a group such as the homeless or the disabled, arranging a fun day experience for them. Whilst you’ll be doing the organising, there’s no reason why you can’t have fun whilst helping other people. It can be far more rewarding than simply donating to a charity.

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100 Favorite Bible Verses {Book Review}

100 Favorite Bible Verses Book Cover


100 Favorite Bible Verses


Thomas Nelson




HarperCollins Christian Publishing

Release Date:




Often readers don't know which Bible verses to start with, and this book curates 100 of the best loved verses, adds a short application, and surrounds each scripture with lovely botanical-themed artwork. It is a lovely gift for any home!

This is a beautiful book! Not only because of the treasured Bible verses inside, but visually as well. I love everything about it. The colors, the fonts chosen, everything. It is just so pretty! 🙂 read more

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Become a Lifeway Women Ambassador!

What is a Lifeway Women Ambassador, and what is Lifeway, you ask?

Lifeway is a great website for christian resources like Bible Studies, books, podcasts and more.
Ambassadors are people who share news and information like blog posts, events, contests, and more using your social networks.
As an ambassador you get points for sharing that can be traded in for prizes. It is so easy! Just connect your social media accounts–whichever you choose and go from there. Interested or want to learn more? Sign up here {for free!}

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60 Days of Happiness by Randy Alcorn

60 Days of Happiness: Discover God’s Promise of Relentless Joy

Would you like to experience true happiness?
When it comes to happiness, most of us have the same questions. Why can’t I be consistently happy? Is it wrong to be happy when there’s so much pain and suffering in the world? And perhaps the biggest one: How can I be happier? Some Christians make an artificial contrast between joy and happiness, while others claim God wants us to be holy, but not happy. In fact, he wants us to be both, and the two go hand in hand!

In 60 Days of Happiness, noted theologian and New York Times bestselling author Randy Alcorn shares sixty timeless devotions demonstrating that God not only wants us to be happy in him and enjoy his gifts, he commands and empowers us to do so.

My thoughts:
I have always enjoyed Randy Alcorn’s books. This book is no exception. It can be read as a “day at a time” devotional, or read like a book. I for one, could not just stop after reading “day 1”. This book is uplifting and a great reminder that true happiness comes from Jesus. I highly recommend! 😀

Product Details:
Hardcover: 304 pages
Publisher: Tyndale House Publishers, Inc. (January 4, 2017)

About the Author:
Before starting EPM in 1990, Randy served as a pastor for fourteen years. He has a Bachelor of Theology and Master of Arts in Biblical Studies from Multnomah University and an Honorary Doctorate from Western Seminary in Portland, Oregon. He has taught on the adjunct faculties of both.

A New York Times bestselling author, Randy has written fifty books, including Courageous, Heaven, The Treasure Principle, and the Gold Medallion winner Safely Home. His books have been translated into over sixty languages and have sold over nine million copies. Randy has written for many magazines including EPM’s issues-oriented magazine Eternal Perspectives. He is active daily on Facebook and Twitter, has been a guest on more than 700 radio, television and online programs including Focus on the Family, FamilyLife Today, Revive Our Hearts, The Bible Answer Man, and The Resurgence.

Randy resides in Gresham, Oregon, with his wife, Nanci. They have two married daughters and are the proud grandparents of five grandsons. Randy enjoys hanging out with his family, biking, tennis, research, and reading.

This book comes in a kindle version and also in a hard cover version, and can be purchased on 🙂

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Whatever is Lovely: A 90-Day Devotional Journal (Faithgirlz)

Whatever is true, whatever is noble, whatever is right, whatever is pure, whatever is lovely, whatever is admirable—if anything is excellent or praiseworthy—think about such things.

—Philippians 4:8

Did you know you can totally change your life by changing your thoughts? Well, you can, and Whatever Is Lovely: A 90-Day Devotional Journal can get you started. With examples based on girls just like you, each of these 90 devotionals will show you how to fill your head and your heart with virtues taken straight from Philippians 4:8, helping you grow closer to God and the amazing life he intended for you.

Featuring a trendy color interior, a ribbon marker, and journaling lines for you to write your thoughts, Whatever Is Lovely will inspire you to read and reflect on the devotionals every single day.

My thoughts:
I really love this devotional. I gave it to my 11 year old daughter. I think this devotional could be for anyone, but especially for younger girls.
It is really uplifting, encouraging and engaging. There is a space after every devotion for your thoughts, which I really love!

The book itself is really beautiful. We are very happy with it, and I highly recommend it, especially for those with daughters. 🙂

You can purchase this book on

About the Author:
Allia Zobel Nolan is an internationally-published author of over 200 children’s titles and adult trade titles. Her books reflect her two main passions, God and cats. Zobel Nolan lives and writes in Connecticut with her husband, Desmond Nolan and their two feline children.

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66 Ways God Loves You {Book Review}

66 books, one incredible message

God’s Word is many things—instructive, historical, poetic. Yet to Jennifer Rothschild, the Bible is also an incredible love letter. In 66 Ways God Loves You, she walks you through each of the sixty-six books of the Bible and shows, in concise and thoughtful ways, how every book reflects God’s love for each of us, such as:

In Genesis God fashions me with His hands.
In Esther He Makes me royalty
In Acts God’s Spirit comes to live in me.
In I Peter God gives me victory over suffering.
Each chapter includes a succinct, meaningful reading on the message of that book in the Bible, along with a simple takeaway to help you bring the message to light in your own heart and life.

This is a lovely little book! I say little because it is a smaller book. A book that is perfect to take with you anywhere you go.
This book is filled with many wonderful messages and tell you the many ways that God loves us all. It describes for each book of the Bible, how God loves us. How he is always there for us, and how he teaches us. I am really enjoying this book. It is beautifully done. There are 207 beautiful, colorful pages filled with wonderful reading.

If you’re interested in learning the many ways that God loves you, you can find this book on I recommend it!

Author: Jennifer Rothschild
Jennifer Rothschild has written 13 books and Bible studies, including the bestsellers, Lessons I Learned in the Dark and Self-Talk, Soul-Talk. She has appeared on Good Morning America, Dr. Phil, Life Today, and a Billy Graham television special and spoken for Women of Faith and Extraordinary Women. She is the founder of the Fresh Grounded Faith conferences and She lost her sight at age 15 and regularly travels and speaks around the country, sharing her story and all God has done in her life. Jennifer lives with her family in Missouri.

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My Faith Notebook a.k.a War Binder

Just wanted to share something with you that I recently put together. It’s my faith notebook. It’s also called a Faith Journal, Prayer Journal or a War Binder {based on the movie War Room.}

I am using a traveler’s notebook for mine {by Webster’s Pages}, but a binder can be used, or any kind of notebook that you like. I’ve seen many different types of notebooks used. I chose a traveler’s notebook because I LOVE traveler’s notebooks. They are very customizable and also refillable. I have this one:

Faith Notebook//

I have it set up with the sections: scripture, inspiration, prayers, devotions and gratitude. Here are a few pics….

Faith Notebook//

Faith Notebook//

Faith Notebook//

Faith Notebook//

Faith Notebook//

Like I said, I have a Traveler’s notebook from Webster’s Pages in the color Walnut. I chose this one in particular because it is a nice size, can hold lots of books and has lots of pockets. These also come in other colors as well. You can see those here! Traveler’s Notebook.

I love stationary, books, writing and all of that fun stuff. I thought it would be great to create a book where I can hold my Bible Studies, scripture writing and more. If you would like to learn more about Faith Journals, War Binders, etc…here are some great resources for you! 🙂

War Binder is a Facebook group I am in. There is lots of inspiration there as well as monthly plans, printables, and more!

War Binder videos on Youtube:

War Binder setup by Allycia Lee

Prayer and War Binder by Pam

War Binder/Prayer Journal Walkthrough

There are so many resources out there. You can just google it, and you will find so much on the topic. I hope you liked this post and hope that it has inspired you to start a prayer journal or Bible study notebook {of any type.}

Have a great day! 🙂