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Keto: 4 weeks in!

So I am 4 weeks into this Ketogenic diet, or shall I say, Lifestyle. ๐Ÿ™‚

Things I have noticed since I have started Keto and intermittent fasting: read more

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My Keto Lifestyle Diary: The Beginning!

So not so long ago, I decided that I wanted to change my eating habits, and have a healthier diet. I wanted to cut my sugar and carb cravings, get in shape and lose a few pounds in the process. I had heard a lot about the Ketogenic diet, and decided to learn more. What I found was very interesting, and I felt like it was doable! If you want to learn more, this video from Dr. Berg is a great place to start.

read more

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RENPHO Bluetooth Body Fat Scale

Now check this out! I actually wasn’t planning on getting a new scale, but I just bought this one. Why? Because it has so many cool features! ๐Ÿ˜€ read more

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Happy New Year {2018}!

Can you believe it is already 2018!? I really can’t believe Christmas came and went so fast. I hope you had a very Merry one! We were in Pierre, SD having a late Christmas with family. It was a nice time. We got back yesterday afternoon – just in time for me to print out my fitness calendar from LWRFitness and get my planners ready for the new year! ๐Ÿ˜€

Happy New Year everyone! Here is a great 8 minute workout to start your day! read more

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A peek inside my fitness planner….

For the past month I have been using a fitness planner. I have been logging everything in it, every day and it has really helped me to stay focused and motivated!

Here are just a few pics! ๐Ÿ™‚ read more

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Health and Fitness-Being accountable

So in the past month, I have really changed my eating habits. I have started exercising a heck of a lot more, and have added Pilates and Yoga into my routines. I am feeling great! I have lost about 5 pounds. I also feel a lot stronger. {Thank you Chaturanga Dandasana for that!} ๐Ÿ˜€ My flexibility is increasing as well.
I have a fitness planner where I keep track of my eating habits, and my exercises as well as progress photos and notes/journal entries on how I may be feeling on a particular day. My fitness planner is the Happy Planner Fitness Planner. I like it because it is very motivating with pictures and quotes throughout, and I can also track my steps and water intake.

Here is a pic of the boxed kit I bought. read more

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Pilates Challenge: Day 4

Ok, so I started doing Pilates a few days ago. I really want to get serious about changing the way I eat and the way that I look, to be honest. I want to be healthy, look good and feel good. I mean, who doesn’t!?

So here goes! I am going to track my exercises and my food intake in my journal and will occasionally update here on my blog as well.
I honestly haven’t used a scale in awhile so I haven’t weighed myself. Maybe I should? Just every once in awhile to see where I am, my progress….you know. read more

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Hint Wellness Detox Tea {Review}

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Svetol 2014 Fitness Resolution Giveaway!


Have you heard the buzz about Svetol? What Svetol is, is a green coffee bean product that has been proven to burn fat fast. It is a natural plant extract of decaffeinated green coffee rich in active components. read more

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A new blog!

For those of you interested, I have started a new fitness/weight loss blog to track my exercise and such. It is located here: [I’m still unsure about the actual name of my blog, it could change….but of course the URL/link will stay the same] :mrgreen:

I am also using the “My Fitness Pal” iphone app, so if you’re using it too, feel free to “friend” me. ๐Ÿ˜€ You can also use the actual website to track everything here. read more

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Getting Fit

I know that I need to eat better. It’s not like I eat a lot of junk, but I don’t really restrict myself with food. I also have the habit of snacking while watching tv at night–which is not good. I think that single reason is why I haven’t lost the 7-8 lbs that I want to lose. I have also noticed that with getting older, and not being on a regular exercise schedule, I am not toned like I used to be. I really need to get into better shape. I’m not trying to be perfect, but I want to be as healthy as I can be.
So, this morning I went on a bike ride with my hubby. I pulled Jadyn in the bike cart behind me. We rode for about 22 minutes, I’d say.
Also, yesterday I signed up with Beach Body and ordered the 10 Minute Trainer by Tony Horton. He is a well known trainer, and I thought that this fitness routine would be good for someone like me! It looks pretty interesting & has received great reviews! My hubby is also going to do it with me. I’m excited to start! Yes, you know I love to bake….and with the holidays coming up–well, it might be tough. I’m still going to bake-because my girls and I love it. I’m sure I’ll still eat what I bake (’cause it’s good!), but I will be careful about it. So anyways, I’ll post progress here on my blog…so stay tuned! ๐Ÿ˜‰

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Wii Fit Plus–what fun!

Ok, so today will be day 14 of doing Wii Fit Plus. Wow….I am sore! I really do enjoy it, though. It is the perfect way to stay active during the winter here, for sure! I love the games that are on there. I think my favorites are Hula-hoop, skateboarding, kung fu, and snowball fight. I do like a lot of them, though. I really enjoy the strength training and yoga as well. My muscles are really feeling it! For those of you who get bored with exercise (like me), Wii Fit Plus (w/ balance board) is awesome! LOTS of fun! I haven’t got bored yet…LOL!

[–>I would like to give a shout-out to Adiel at KABOODLE for the awesome gift card that you sent me. The balance board and Wii Fit Plus are what I purchased, along with some clothes! Yay! Thanks so much–you rock! :heart: <--]

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A new blogโ€ฆ

Yes, I have started a weight-loss blog again. I have these stubborn 8-10 lbs that I want to get rid of! I know that’s not really a lot, and I have lost most of my baby weight. I mean, I really didn’t gain THAT much doing my pregnancy, but I still weigh more than I did when I started. I guess it wasn’t THAT big of a deal to me until I started trying on swimsuits for our vacation. Ugh!!! *glare* Yeah, so I need to exercise more and watch what I eat more. Mainly exercise. I mean, you’d think with 2 girls and being busy all day, the weight would fall off..LOL! *smile* Umm…not happening. So here I go! Working out, and taking measurements….

Check out my fitness blog here!

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Tuesday- A nice day?

So today it might get around 60 degrees, which is a welcome change from the stinkin’ snow we got last weekend! Grrr! I am soooooo ready for Spring to get here (and STAY!) lol *smile*
We are looking forward to going to the lake, and doing lots of fun outdoor activities. It will be nice when we can bring our pool(s) out. Jacey has been talking a lot about swimming. Not that she can actually swim in our pools, lol, but she means just being able to play in the water. *cheesy* Speaking of swimming, she doesn’t know how yet, so I am thinking about maybe some swimming lessons for her. I wonder how she’d do. She loves the water!
So lately I’ve been thinking about fitness.Since my post-partum check, I am free to work out now. Joining a gym right now is out of the question, because the only time I could go is in the evening and/or the weekend. I just don’t want to use that time for the gym when I can be with my family and hubby when he is home and off work. We have an elliptical machine here at home and hand weights, so I could get started with that. Also, with the weather warming, I can go walking! *wink* Now, I just have to get rid of those Girl Scout cookies in our cupboard, ha ha!
Well, I better run so I can get dressed, and get breakfast going.