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Grandpa D's 90th!

This past Friday we went to South Dakota to visit the inlaws. My hubby’s grandfather was turning 90 and a big Birthday party was being thrown for him. The girls had a fun time at their grandma & grandpa D’s house. They got to see their cousins and had a blast!

Grandpa’s Birthday was a memorable one. Lots of family gathered to celebrate him turning 90. :mrgreen: read more

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Tons of photos!

I have so many photos to look over from the past few days. I JUST got them off of my camera. Some from Jace’s Birthday, and lots of my girls!
I bought them WAY CUTE matching outfits the other day at Burlington and had to get some pics of them together. Maybe I’ll share a few later. They will be on Flickr for sure, though! *face*

Today we went to the library and hung out for a little while. We read books and played then came home and had lunch. This afternoon we went out and played for a little while until Jace got home from work. It’s a bit cool out today…I believe the high was only around 60. It seems as though summer has come to an abrupt! I’m sure we will have more “hot” days before its over with, though. *wink* read more

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Tuesday-a day full of fun!

Jacey had her swim lesson again, and did great! In just a day, you could see she was more trusting of her instructor, and really did well! It’s so fun to see her having fun & learning. *heart2*

In the evening after supper, we went to Elmwood Park. They were having “National Night Out” from 5-9. We went and had a good time. We had junk food (lol), and saw animals, watched some karate, and much more. Pics are on flickr, but here’s one (of Jace & I): read more

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Our trip to the Zoo

Last Saturday we went to the Chahinkapazoo Zoo in Wahpeton, ND. It’s about a 50 minute drive from Fargo. We had a good time, although it ended up being a pretty hot day. Hot AND humid. *yuck* lol
We got to see some Tigers and Bears, Kangaroos, and more! It was fun. This zoo was a little bigger than the zoo here in Fargo…and they had different animals which was a nice change. *wink*

Swim duckie, swim! read more

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Did you know?

If you renew your PRO account at Flickr, or purchase one for the first time, you get 10 free MOO cards! Check it out!

I renewed my account tonight, and created 10 MOO cards. They even pay S&H! *yay* *face*

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Pregnancy writings and photos…

*heart* This is from Sunday: 25 weeks 2 days! *heart*

25 weeks 2 days read more

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23 week belly pic!

Just sharing a pic of my growing belly. There are more on Flickr if you’re interested. *face*

Click to view larger!

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Belly Pics

Just wanted to share a picture I took yesterday of my growing baby belly.

*heart* 21 weeks 1 day *click to view larger* *heart* read more

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So…Saturday I needed to get some prints fast, and decided to upload some pics and have do them in one hour. That way, we could drive over, pick up some necessities, and the pics-all in one trip. I usually order everything from Shutterfly – they are my favorite place to get photos printed, but this was faster! Well, THREE hours later, they were not even done! I had (2) 8×10’s done for the bathroom, and 12 4×6’s made. That’s it-not really a huge order. Anyways, they had some sort of problem, and couldn’t do them in an hour. We got tired of waiting, so we just picked them up the next day. When we went to go get them, they were no charge! Isn’t that cool? *wink* I thought so! I have to say, they did a really great job, too! *smile2*

Anyways, the 4×6’s I had made were of Jacey in her “High Seas Buccaneer” costume that I was going to drop in some Halloween Cards that we made, and send out to family & friends. She looked SO CUTE in her little costume! You can see pics on Flickr, if you’re on my F&F list and logged in. *cheesy* read more

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15 weeks!

Wow, time is scooting along, huh? I am 15 weeks pregnant today! *heart*

Here are some pics! *woot*
15 week belly pics: Click to view larger!

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New Photos

I just wanted to share some new photos that I took at the park last weekend. 🙂

Butterfly Beauty buzzzzy at work read more

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Pregnancy talk, photos & more…

Things are going great, and it really seems like my belly is really starting to grow! 🙂
I can’t believe I am 14 weeks and 4 days already. It seemed like yesterday when I remember being only 5 weeks along…lol!

Well, this past weekend we went to Lindenwood Park and had a picnic. The weather was so nice…mid 70’s. We ate, then walked around, and played at the playground with Jacey. I also got some great photos of flowers, butterflies & a bumblebee! Check them out on Flickr! I get so excited when I can get shots like that.It was actually my first at capturing butterflies….I was so excited that they didn’t fly away when I snapped pics of them…lol! *grin*

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13 week- collage

A quick collage of me at 13 weeks pregnant! *heart*

13 weeks

*Click to view larger*

You can see more pics at my Flickr. Once you click you can view other photos as well. A lot of photos (of Jacey) are private, though. You have to be a flickr member and on my friends/family list to view them. 🙂 Just email me if you’re a friend and want to be able to see ALL of my photos. *heart*

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What a weekend!

It was full of fun! 😀

Saturday morning Jace, Jacey & I went to Aberdeen, S.D. (2 and a half hours away) to go camping with his mom & dad. We met them at Wylie Park. A gorgeous park, with so much to do! We had so much fun! We also took Jacey to Storybook Land which is located in Wylie Park. She had a ball! 🙂 read more

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Flickr & Photos

Here are a couple of my newest photos for the Flickr “365 Days” group! It’s fun! The object of the group is to take a self-portrait of yourself for 365 consecutive days! It’s fun to see what everyone comes up with, and to try to be creative & come up with different ideas every day!

Day 29
29/365 read more