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Free Digital Book- Glow Your Houseplant Garden: The Step-By-Step Guide of Indoor Plant Care For Beginners

I came across this book today while looking at titles on Amazon, and thought I would share. You can borrow it with Kindle Unlimited OR right now, you can snag the digital copy for free! I haven’t read it yet, but I thought it looked interesting enough to download and share with you all!   GLOW YOUR HOUSEPLANT GARDEN  

7 Safety Tips for Gardening in Summer

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pexels   Gardening has many health benefits, but during the summer months it’s especially important to protect yourself from the sun, poor posture, dehydration, and fatigue. Gardening in the heat can be thirsty work, so you need to ensure you take plenty of breaks as well. By investing in the right tools and following a few safety tips, you can… Read more »

Day to Day Life Storefront

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Hey! Just wanted to add that I have updated my blog storefront with a few new categories, my most favorite being “Planty Things”. Go check it out! 🙂 Since this whole pandemic has begun, I have turned into a “plant mama”. I have always loved gardening and taking care of my outdoor plants spring through fall…..but have more recently gotten… Read more »

5 Outdoor Projects to Get Your Yard Ready This Spring

  The arrival of spring means the start of the gardening season for many. If you have a garden, this is an exciting time of year as you get the opportunity to return to a hobby you love. You’ll enjoy the experience much more if you address certain tasks and projects early in the season. Gardening requires sticking to a… Read more »

My Sunflowers

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So back in May I planted a bunch of different sunflower seeds that I had accumulated. I had some left over from last year, I bought a new pack of a different variety, and had a pack included in my collector’s club package from Jade Bloom. I just wanted to post some progress pics. So far, they have not bloomed,… Read more »

Getting Your Garden Ready For Spring: 6 Steps You Might Want To Take

Link The winter months are some of the best times to create plans for your garden and take steps towards improving it in time for the spring and summer. With that in mind, there are six excellent suggestions in this article that you might want to consider. These steps are guaranteed to make your garden more functional than it is… Read more »