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15 {fun} pumpkin statistics!

A cute little info-graphic that I wanted to share. ‘Tis the season {AUTUMN}!

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Zact {& kids with smartphones}

“I participated in a campaign for Mom Central Consulting on behalf of Zact. I received a promotional item as a thank you for participating” My kids are ALWAYS wanting to use my phone, and when they do, I am surprised at how well they know how to operate it! I’m…

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{All you need to know about} Coffee!

Are you a coffee drinker? How do you take your coffee? I am a BIG coffee drinker! My coffee of choice is Dunkin Donuts coffee. I buy big bags of it at Costco. 🙂 My nephew took a trip to South Africa and sent me a bag of coffee beans….

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50 Italian Ways to Drink Coffee

I saw this info-graphic and had to share! I am a huge coffee drinker. I also have a nephew that is living in Italy, and he is discovering how the italians drink their coffee. So many ways! Enjoy! (click to view larger)

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31 Biblical Virtues to Pray for your children….

I came across this online this morning, and wanted to share. I love this, and thought it would be great to print out. Here is the link to the pdf file. Enjoy! 31-Biblical-Virtues-InfoGraphic_8.5×11

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For your kitchen!

With all of my baking & recipe making (thanks Pinterest!), I found this Kitchen “Cheat Sheet” to be quite handy! Definitely would be great to print out & have on hand! Just wanted to share! 🙂 *CLICK to view larger* 😉

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Keurig Recipes!

We just bought a new Keurig Platinum (sorry, Tassimo) and we love it! I love the variety of K cups there are to choose from! [Our old Tassimo went to my mother-in-law & father-in-law.] Anyway, I found this online & wanted to share–for all of you Keurig users out there!…

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Athletic Shoes – A history

This is a quite interesting infographic on the history of athletic shoes…comfortable shoes for men & women. Read on… It is rather interesting to see how athletic shoes have evolved over thousands of years. How about those Space Age running shoes from 1976?! Those are a trip! They actually don’t…

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Drink to your health!

76% of Americans think red wine is good for your health. What do you think? Presented By ONEHOPE Wine Online Fifty Percent of Profits Go To Charity Lots of great info, right? I’ve learned a few things! I believe that wine can have its benefits, in moderation of course….so drink…

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A Little Wedding Info [& history]

Weddings can be small & wedding can be HUGE! One thing for sure is that weddings have evolved over the years. Check out this little bit of info about the history of weddings. I’m sure you’ll find it quite interesting! 😀 Presented By visit A lot has changed,…

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