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5 Outdoor Projects to Get Your Yard Ready This Spring

The arrival of spring means the start of the gardening season for many. If you have a garden, this is an exciting time of year as you get the opportunity to return to a hobby you love. read more

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Lets make bird feeders!

Small paper cups, twine, peanut butter and bird seed! πŸ™‚

Making a bird feeder.... read more

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A few of my latest nature photos {birds}….

In an earlier post, I posted a photo of beautiful blue robin eggs in a nest under my deck. The mama bird is in one of the photos below {I forget which!} She did not like me getting too close, so I used my 55-250mm Canon lens for these shots. There are quite a few Robins in our area. Every once in awhile I see new and different birds. I’m hoping to capture those as well! πŸ˜‰

Birdie on my fence.... read more

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Rheault Farm Garden Party

We took the girls to a local nature event to celebrate Spring. It was a lot of fun. There were lots of crafts, activities and more!

There were some super adorable animals… read more

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Beautiful {Spring} weather is here!

We have been really enjoying our Spring weather and have been taking full advantage! For the first few weeks of Spring it would get warm, then chili again, but I think now warm is here to stay! {Yay!} That is until “HOT” arrives. Ha ha! πŸ˜‰

I just wanted to share some pictures of our outdoor adventures as of late. The girls LOVE being outside as much as they can be…and the weather has been perfect for it! read more

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A little {portable} garden…

In our little “garden” that we have on our deck, we planted some Picklebush cucumbers and Garden Sweet Peas. As you can see, they are growing nicely!

Cucumbers and peas read more

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Our first bike ride of the season!

Yay for Spring, and it finally arriving in North Dakota. A little late, but better than never! πŸ˜‰

This is me and my youngest, Jadyn, ready to ride! read more

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Fun Summer Crafts for Kids

Summer is here (well, just about)…but school is out. We haven’t planned our vacation out yet, so our days are filled with outdoor play, crafts, and baking! Basically things to keep the kids busy! Just wanted to share a couple of activities that we’ve done before and were lots of fun! They are easy to do and definitely worth trying out. The kids will love them! :mrgreen:

They are all from One of our favorite websites! read more

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A break in the rain…

It has been quite rainy here every chance we get, when the rain lets up–we are outside!

Today we went to the thrift store and they had a bunch of the bubble makers (brand new) for .99. I picked up a couple and the girls had a blast with them. They made lots of awesome bubbles! read more

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Ready for another project!

Home Depot Logo

This is a sponsored post written by me on behalf of The Home Depot. read more

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Our [finished] Butterfly Island

Our Butterfly Island is completely done now. What a project! It was a lot of fun.

I had some help with this project. My hubby and his parents. His mom went with me to do the shopping and helped me plant the flowers. My hubby and his dad did the digging so that the butterfly island would be level. (Our yard has a slight slope to it, that you really can’t see just by looking at it. But when laying the garden block out, you could tell.) read more

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Grandpa D's 90th!

This past Friday we went to South Dakota to visit the inlaws. My hubby’s grandfather was turning 90 and a big Birthday party was being thrown for him. The girls had a fun time at their grandma & grandpa D’s house. They got to see their cousins and had a blast!

Grandpa’s Birthday was a memorable one. Lots of family gathered to celebrate him turning 90. :mrgreen: read more

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Let's make a Butterfly Island: [The Preparation]

This is a sponsored post written by me on behalf of The Home Depot….although thoughts & opinions are my own.

We are working on a brand new project this spring, and it is one that I am super excited about. I love plants and flowers, and also love butterflies. What better project to work on than a butterfly Island? All of my favorite things combined into one! read more

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My front porch…

Just last weekend I bought a beautiful Fuchsia plant for my front porch, along with a hanging plant holder. I got the plant holder at Home Depot for 50% off! I think it’s cute, and I have the perfect spot for it to go!

Plant holder & fuchsia plant read more

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It's like she's flying…

My daughter, Jacey has ALWAYS loved to swing. I think for the swings alone, it was worth getting this play set last year! πŸ˜‰
She swings so high, closes her eyes, and really enjoys the moment. I can only wonder what she’s thinking as she’s soaring….