Challenges Faced by Persons Living With Disability

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Many diseases have existed for decades and others coming up classified as disability. However, some conditions classified as disability always have to go through a series of debates and sometimes legal advice to define whether they qualify as disabilities. For example, does ms qualify for disability? This is one of the common questions individuals ask because it is not common knowledge. People living with a disability can lead everyday lives, but there are always challenges coming up in school, at home and even in the workplace.


People living with disability or individuals that require special needs may not have it easy when it comes to personal relationships because humans are complicated beings. For example, human beings may judge or avoid you based on your condition or what you are going through.

Some friends and family members may decide to stay away because they may feel that a person living with a disability is baggage. That is not true because everyone deserves love and care regardless of the physical situation. Therefore, sustaining relationships may not be easy, but kind and loving people are always there. As much as people may be mean, there are numerous ways to grow self-love and appreciate yourself.

Lack of Employment

Some employers or human resources may be sceptical about hiring individuals with a disability even when the disability is manageable. But, again, it is all about the stereotypes revolving around persons living with a disability. For example, some people believe that disabled persons are helpless, which is not the case.

Emerging technology has made it easier for people living with disability to be independent on most occasions. Some believe that persons living with disability are incapable of making sound and informed decisions. Some disabilities are just physical, which means that they do not affect an individual’s cognitive abilities. Persons living with disability need jobs, and they deserve to get employment.


Every day, the places we visit may seem accessible to an individual whose body parts and organs function properly. However, when you look at those places through the lenses of individuals living with a disability, they are not as accessible as you may think.

For example, look at how many buildings have ramps for individuals who use wheelchairs. Also, look at the number of buildings or institutions with separate washrooms or bathrooms for individuals living with a disability.

You will realize how this particular group is not considered in most areas. Accessibility is an issue in most places, and this explains why many individuals living with a disability may choose to remain indoors; to avoid the hustle.


You may think that education is one of those basic needs; a child only needs to enrol and start school. However, people living with disabilities may not feel like education is as essential because how many institutions consider disabled students?

Very few institutions have what it takes in terms of skilled teachers, healthcare providers, curriculum and structures that can accommodate students living with a disability. It takes so much effort to look through schools and identify a school where a child can grow without feeling different and receive a quality education.

Individuals go through so much in society, but we can change that by being kind to every individual we meet.

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