Christmas and the end of 2009

Wow! Can you believe it is almost 2010? This year just flew by!
We had a great Christmas holiday. Before Christmas we went and spent a couple of days with Jace’s family & extended family. The girls’ had their Christmas at their grandparents house…and a Christmas dinner at their great grandmothers house. It was nice-and a lot of fun.
We spent Christmas at home. Brian came over on Christmas Eve and stayed the night with us. On Christmas morning we opened gifts and pretty much spent the day at home. Oh-and we also had a nice blizzard the day before….so we had LOTS of snow! It was a really nice holiday. The girls enjoyed it so much. Every day for about 2 weeks before Christmas, Jacey would ask “Is it Christmas yet?”. LOL! She was anxious for it to get here! Jadyn had a great time opening her gifts-as well as Jacey-but this was the first year Jadyn REALLY knew what to do-and she went to town tearing that paper! She loved her gifts, but she really loved tearing the paper, too.
The girls made out nicely-and really loved everything that they got. I got the new super fancy slow cooker that I wanted! (yay!)
We had a nice Christmas dinner-the 5 of us…and relaxed, played games and enjoyed our day!

So 2010 is just around the corner-just hours away! Hope your 2009 was great-just as ours was.

Author: Sandy

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