Clairol-Nice & Easy Color Blend Foam -Review

This is a review on Clairol’s new Color Blend Foam Hair Dye. I received this free from Clairol (a coupon), so I wanted to give it a try. Let me start off by saying that this is really easy to use. It goes on with no drip at all, and you can get it on your hair fairly quickly. That is where the positive ends.

This product smelled so bad, that I could barely stand it. I felt like I was getting nauseous. As I waited the 25 minutes that it takes for you to leave it on, I felt like I was going to pass out. I could barely leave it on for that long. I’m really not exaggerating. All I could think was…this smells so bad, I hope it’s not damaging my hair! I jumped in the shower as quickly as I could and rinsed. (after the 25 minutes). And rinsed. And rinsed. It seemed like the color just kept coming out & that the water would never run clear. As a matter of fact, I rinsed my hair for about 10 minutes, then just gave up. Needless to day, color was on my towel after I dried my hair.
As for the color, it was decent…just a little bit darker than I expected…which could be my choice in color. The pic below although, looks pretty much like the box–granted the room I was in was well-lit. They really don’t have many color choices to begin with…which to me is another negative.

So…this product will not be purchased again by me. There is just too much that I don’t like about it. That’s my review. I know there isn’t really anything positive in this review, but it’s my honest opinion. (Sorry, Clairol!)

I would love to hear if you’ve tried this–and what you thought of it, or any other foam hair color. I love the idea of foam hair color! I am just not loving this one. :sidefrown:

Author: Sandy

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