Colder weather is here….

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I say “colder” because to us North Dakotans, it’s not technically “cold”. Well, not as cold as it can be. Today, right now it’s 37. Not too bad. 😉
It is definitely colder than it has been, so I am shopping around for winter clothes for my girls (and me)! I’ve already started going through their closets & getting rid of things that are out of season (summer clothes) and that I know will not fit next summer. I usually bag those up and donate locally or give to a friend with (younger) kids.

I love when cooler weather comes because its so fun to shop for sweaters and boots. I have in fact already started shopping for “holiday wear” for my girls. Am I the only one? I like to get a head start….although Christmas is only around 2 months away! 😯

I usually go to “Once Upon A Child” and see what they have when I do my shopping for the girls. I have found some GREAT clothes there for my girls in excellent shape. Nice clothing by Gap Kids, Justice, etc….for WAY less than you would pay in those actual stores. I also like to go to the regular discount stores like Walmart, Target, and Kmart. I LOVE Kohls! I only shop there when I have a coupon for either 20% or 30% off my total order, and when they have sales–which is almost all of the time! I’m not prejudice about what stores I shop at. As long as I am getting a deal and the clothes are NICE, then I am happy. I LOVE going to thrift stores! Clean thrift stores I might add. We have a nice one close by that I frequent. They have nice things and get a lot of “donations” from department stores, which translates into NEW clothes & shoes! :mrgreen: I mean, there ARE things that I won’t buy at thrift stores (like underwear & such), but it’s fair game on clothing and shoes! 😉

So when do you start your winter/holiday shopping for your (or your kids) wardrobe? Where do you shop? Leave me a comment & let me know! 🙂

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