Cute games for girls & Kids Internet!

First I have to tell you about Kidzui! It’s the internet for kids in a sense. It’s free for starters…and once set up (which is fast & easy), then you can feel good about your kids being online, and being SAFE-most importantly! We have it on our computers here at home and have really enjoyed it. There are lots of kid-safe games for boys & girls, videos, & more! Check it out! 🙂

Next, I wanna tell you about this cute site for girls! There are lots of dress-up games, decorate your room games, nail salon games & more. It’s a fun site for sure! Games2Girls You can actually access this site from Kidzui-along with TONS more!

Take a peek!

I though this was worth posting about…so let the fun (& creativity) begin! 🙂

Author: Sandy

5 thoughts on “Cute games for girls & Kids Internet!

  1. Sandy this is great! Thanks for sharing these sites. I’m always looking for fun stuff for Vanessa. Keep ’em coming! ; )

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