Cute & stretchy scarf! {thrifty find}

Yesterday between a morning coffee date with one friend and a lunch date with another, I stopped by a local thrift store and found myself this super cute scarf. Could. Not. Resist. {$3.99} Excellent condition! πŸ˜€

New scarf~thrifty find!

It is long and the colors are so pretty. It is made with elastic, so it’s also stretchy. When weather permits, I will wear it and get another pic. πŸ˜‰

Author: Sandy

1 thought on “Cute & stretchy scarf! {thrifty find}

  1. You are an awesome coffee date! πŸ™‚
    Lets make a thrift store date! What fun to have coffee in hand, great company and conversation,fresh air and exercise AND fellowship and thriftiness! Family Life Thrift Store is my favorite to support

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