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Just wanted to add that I have updated my blog storefront with a few new categories, my most favorite being “Planty Things”. Go check it out! 🙂

Since this whole pandemic has begun, I have turned into a “plant mama”. I have always loved gardening and taking care of my outdoor plants spring through fall…..but have more recently gotten into house plants. What took me so long!? I really don’t know! I am in love with all of the different varieties of plants. I just love learning about them and taking care of them. I think I got that from my mama. She always loved to have many different houseplants in her kitchen and in her big kitchen window. I remember seeing plants being rooted in water and hanging in many different places. So here I go, turning into a plant mama, or as I also like to say, a crazy plant lady! 😀

So anyway, the Planty Things list consists of my favorite gardening and plant products as well as some super cute plant decor. Enjoy!

Next post I will share photos of some of my houseplants. 🙂 

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