DIY beaded bookmarks

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I haven’t posted any crafty things in so long, I figured it was time I do so. It’s been awhile since I posted my Bible Bookmarks post. I also did a post about making bookmarks with buttons. Be sure to check those out! This time around I made some bookmarks with paperclips and beads. These would be good for your Bible as well if you don’t make them too heavy. Lots of beads are really cute and stand out, but can be a bit heavy on thin Bible pages. So these are good for books and possibly Bible pages, depending on how you make them.

What I used:

-2 inch rubber coated paperclips (but you can use smaller if you like)
-various beads
-string (can be embroidery thread or any type of string or yarn).

So, here are a few of the ones I created. I just love them. They are so fun to make!

The string I got at Dollar Tree. It came in a package of 6 different colors. I also got the paper clips at Dollar Tree as well. Beads you can get almost anywhere. Check Hobby Lobby for great sales and even your local thrift stores. 🙂

How to make them:

Gather your thread or string of choice. Make it a pretty long piece. Then just fold it back and forth again and again until it looks like this:

Slide it though your paperclip, loop and pull it through. I add a touch of glue just to kind of hold it in place, so that the thread doesn’t try to loosen or slide. (Then again, I’ve never really had an issue with that.)

Then you cut the loops on the end so that it looks like this:

Then just choose or beads and string them on. I tied each bead on separately. What I did was string a bead, then take that strand and tie it with another one. That way each bead is secure.

Here is a bookmark I made in a book that I am reading. 🙂

These are really fun (and addicting) to make. I hope you enjoyed this post. 🙂

Here are some great paperclip options at Amazon….


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