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I am so ready for our bright & sunny back yard to have some shade, and beautiful plants. Because we moved into a new neighborhood 5 1/2 years ago, there were NO TREES. I am a tree person, so I really didn’t (still don’t) like that at all. Can you believe after 5 1/2 years we’ve only planted one tree, and that was a tree that was paid for by the city to go out near the sidewalk. (Between the sidewalk & the street). What have we been waiting for? Well, when we moved in, we had other projects going on…like finishing our basement. Then there was building a new deck, and after that, getting a fence for our back yard. All of those things cost $$$ (and are time consuming)! So now, I guess I am just really tired of having no trees…LOL. We have some plants and shrubs out front, but the backyard is untouched.

Here are my plans. It’s starting off with our deck area.

I recently bought 3 trellises and a few climbing, flowering plants. Here are a couple of photos of how it stands at the moment.

As you can see, the plants need to be planted & there are a few more things to be done.
Our grass has died under our deck, which is no surprise being that it doesn’t get sun. What we want to do is maybe put rock under the deck, or do something so that it isn’t so ugly. I was also thinking about planting a couple of shrubs and plants around the deck area and maybe do some edging.

I am no expert at gardening but I want to learn more. I would love to have a beautiful, lush backyard with flowers & trees and SHADE! :mrgreen:
I recently (today actually) found this awesome site called “Hometalk“. It’s a site where amateurs and pro’s alike talk about and offer help about everything home. From DIY projects, renovations, landscaping & more. I jumped right in, of course!

So anyway, this is how it looks as of now. I’ll post more photos & such as progress is made. Wish me luck! 😉

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