Don’t Skip These Health Checks

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Our body may display obvious symptoms when something is wrong. However, there are other times when health problems can go undetected. When health problems are detected early, it’s often easier (and cheaper) to treat them. This is why it’s so important to arrange regular health check-ups. Below are some of the health checks worth arranging. 

Eye exams

It’s worth arranging an annual eye exam – especially if you drive or are over the age of 40. Vision loss is something that might seem easy to detect, however it is often so gradual that it can go unnoticed for some time. An eye exam could detect any vision loss early and reduce any danger caused by this. These exams may also be able to detect other more serious health problems like cataracts. Some companies offer eye plans offered by organizations like National Vision Administrators – this could entitle you to free eye tests and possibly even free access to eyewear. Do your research to find opticians with the best rates. 

Dental checkups

A biannual dental checkup could help to detect any dental problems early. It may be possible to prevent a cavity or infection by spotting build-ups of plaque early. Not having to deal with these problems could prevent you having to deal with unpleasant and expensive dental procedures at a later date. Kids can particularly benefit from regular dental checkups – young kids’ teeth are changing all the time and regular checkups can help to keep on top of any problems that may occur (as new teeth come through, issues like overcrowding are worth keeping an eye on). 

Hearing exams

A regular hearing exam could be worth considering – especially as you get older. Hearing loss is often gradual and many of us don’t realise our hearing is fading until it is severe. Hearing loss can be easily treated with a hearing aid. By getting hearing exams and detecting any problem early, you can avoid various problems caused by hearing loss such impaired communication and fatigue from straining to hear things. Some opticians are able to carry out hearing tests as well as eye exams – you may be able to book an exam for both at the same time.  

Doctor check-ups

There are many health checks you may want to arrange with a doctor. You should particularly consider your family history and any conditions that could be genetic – many of these illnesses can be tested for, which could allow you to seek treatment early if you do have the condition. Certain health checks are worth considering once you hit a certain age. For example, once you hit 40, it’s worth considering health checks such as a mammogram, prostate exam, cholesterol screening and thyroid stimulating hormone test. If you’re sexually active and not just with one partner, it can also be worth periodically testing for sexually transmitted diseases. Many of these health checks are simple and easy to arrange. This guide at AXA Global Healthcare offers more in depth information about the types of health checks you should consider. 

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