Easy Christmas Treats!

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Yesterday, I wanted to make some Christmas treats that didn’t involve a whole lot of mess making..LOL! Something that my girls could help with and enjoy doing. I decided to make “Christmas Kisses” and “Turtle Pretzels.”

Don’t they look mouth watering? 🙂

December Pics

I decided to mix it up a bit and also use Cookies & Cream Kisses and make some almost like a pretzel sandwich (with sugar sprinkles.)

December Pics

December Pics

These are so easy to make and taste yummy! All you really do is melt the chocolate {I used Hershey’s kisses and ROLO candy} in the oven, on top of the pretzel for about 4-5 minutes at 250 degrees. Just so they get soft enough to press down with whatever you are putting on top. I used pecan halves and M&M’s.

These are by far my favorite {Made with ROLO candy and pecan halves} I don’t care for Hershey’s regular chocolate.

December Pics

I did have to use the ROLO minis, as I could not find the larger ones ANYWHERE! The larger ones have more caramel inside, so they would have been more “turtle-like.” These were still tasty, though. 😉

And yes, before we were done, the girls had consumed more chocolate than I would have liked, but oh well! It was fun, and it’s Christmas time! I mean, who could resist these little cute little helpers faces asking to eat chocolate?

December Pics

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