I have to tell you about an awesome deal I got with e-bates! I scored a 2 year magazine subscription from magazines.com at an incredible rate! I went to magazines.com through e-bates. I bought 2 years of ALLYOU magazine (a great mag for coupons) at the rate of $34. I had a $5 bonus sign-up with ebates, and ebates had a 51% cash back on this purchase. So I got 51% of the money back from that purchase PLUS an extra $5. That is actual cash back into my paypal account. Isn’t that awesome!? I got ALLYOU for $11.66 for 2 years!!

Honestly, this was my first purchase through ebates. I have always used mypoints (which I still love)…but with this awesome deal I got with ebates, I will definitley be using it more often! 🙂

Sign up and get your $5 today–and see how much more cash you can get back!

Author: Sandy

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