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Do you struggle like I do with “what to cook for dinner?” Some days I have the hardest time trying to come up with something new and different, and something that everyone in my family will enjoy eating. Just recently I came across this website called eMeals. Finally, the search is over! This website is great, and will really help me out in the kitchen. Let me tell you all about it! πŸ˜‰

What eMeals will do, is plan out your meals for you! Basically, you just leave it to them. How does this work, you ask? Well, first you pick your plan. This is where you let eMeals know the size of your family, the store you shop most often for groceries, and your family’s eating style, whether vegetarian, clean eating, etc. You have many options to choose from, and can always change later if you choose to do so.

Then, every week in your inbox you will receive your meal plan. It is chosen for you based on your family’s likes. You will receive the the recipes for a main dish, and sides {for seven days.}

Then go shopping! To make this easy for you, eMeals provides you with a detailed shopping list, which is organized by section. It also shows you the weekly sales at your store. This is great right? It’s all laid out right there for you. PLUS, all the ingredients you buy will be used in multiple recipes so that there is no waste. πŸ™‚

Classic Meal Plan   Menu Planner – eMeals

Emeals takes the guess work out of meal planning. All you do is shop and cook! For example, here is a great recipe for Thanksgiving: *Paleo Holiday Menu*

Financial planning celebrity, Dave Ramsey recommends eMeals. Why? Here’s a quote from Dave himself.

“Food is the biggest budget buster of all. I’ve wanted someone to create a practical solution to the “beans and rice, rice and beans” dilemma. Finally… eMeals has done it! Now thousands of my listeners subscribe to eMeals. You will save a ton of time and money.”

Just like the website says, “For $5 a month, it is a no-brainer!” This honestly, is great for my family. I’m so glad I found eMeals! πŸ˜€

Let me show you this delicious and fast meal that I made. These are chicken parmesan meatballs…about to go into the oven!

Chicken Parm meatballs!

I also made seasoned broccoli and garlic bread. The family loved the meatballs! It was the first time I had ever made chicken parmesan meatballs. They were so fast & easy to make, and tasted delicious!

Interested? You can sign up today and get 35% off! This is a great time to get started, saving money on meals during the holidays, wouldn’t that be great? More money for other things…and no worries about meal planning! πŸ˜‰

That’s an example of a meal from the “classic” meal plan. πŸ™‚

This is a compensated review, {via Markerly.com.} However, all opinions stated in this blog post are 100% mine. I am honest in my reviews regardless if I am compensated or not. πŸ™‚

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