Enjoy a New Smile with Customized Dental Restorations

Enjoy a New Smile with Customized Dental Restorations…

If you are interested in improving your overall facial appearance, then contact Park Slope Dentistry today to schedule an appointment. When your teeth are chipped and discolored, it affects the way your face looks and how people react to your smile. Our expert Brooklyn dentist can provide restorative, cosmetic and general dental treatments that will create a gorgeous smile.

Have a Stronger Bite

More importantly, having your teeth repaired can make it easier to chew food such as fresh vegetables and fruit. When your teeth are in poor condition, you might avoid consuming a nutritious diet because it hurts to chew a carrot stick or an apple, but with restorative dentistry procedures performed by a knowledgeable dentist, your bite is stronger, making it easier to eat these foods.

General Dentistry Treatments

An examination from Dr. Ronald I. Teichman includes obtaining three-dimensional images of your face and mouth to determine the best type of dental restorations to create a healthy biting surface in addition to an attractive smile. If you have issues such as a buildup of plaque, cavities or gingivitis, then we complete a dental cleaning, fill cavities with color-matching composite materials and treat your gum inflammation.

Have Discolorations Removed from Teeth

Before applying restorations, we can perform a teeth-whitening procedure with an application of strong hydrogen peroxide solution. This substance remains on your teeth for approximately 45 minutes to lift deeply embedded beverage, food and tobacco stains. After this procedure, your teeth look whiter, and it is easier for our dentist to apply restorations to damaged teeth.

Attractive Dental Crowns for Damaged Teeth

For teeth that have significant damage, Dr. Teichman can create a natural-looking dental crown to fit over an existing tooth. In some cases, a tooth with an infection requires a root canal surgery first to remove the bacteria and internal materials. After a dental crown is placed over a tooth, it has a sturdy surface that lasts a long time, making it easier to chew food.

Thin Dental Veneers for Front Teeth

Instead of a dental crown for a damaged front tooth, Dr. Teichman might recommend a veneer. Veneers are custom-made thin porcelain restorations that are fastened to a tooth toward the front of the mouth. A veneer is made to match the other teeth inside your mouth, and with proper care, it can last for many years.

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