ESV Prayer Bible {Review}

“A triumph of scholarship.” ―Leland Ryken, Emeritus Professor of English, Wheaton College

The ESV Prayer Bible was created to help you reflect on God’s Word through prayer.

With 400+ historical prayers linked to key passages throughout the biblical text, this volume demonstrates the connection between the words God has spoken to us in the Bible and the words we speak back to him in prayer.

Featuring the prayers of the early church fathers, Puritans, Protestant Reformers, and more, along with an introductory essay by Donald Whitney and prayer-related book introductions, this edition helps readers pursue a deeper communion with God as they combine their personal Bible reading with prayer. 

  • 400+ historical prayers interspersed throughout the Bible text
  • Prayer-related book introductions providing insight into how to use each specific book in prayer
  • Introductory essay by professor Donald S. Whitney, author of Praying the Bible, explaining how and why to pray the Bible
  • User guide
  • Author index featuring bios of historical contributors and relevant page numbers
  • Comprehensive index featuring every time prayer is mentioned in the entire Bible
  • Concordance
  • Reading plans
  • Size: 5.375″ x 8.375″
  • Bible text: 9.25-point Lexicon; Prayers: 7.25-point Gotham
  • 1,984 pages
  • Presentation page
  • Single-column format
  • Packaging: None

My thoughts on this Bible:

I really like this Bible. It is different than any other Bible that I have. If you feel like you need help in your prayer life, or struggle with your words during prayer, then this Bible will most definitely help you! Throughout, there are many different prayers from many people through the ages. I like reading the different prayers from others in this Bible. 🙂

The ESV Prayer Bible is done in single column and the cover is a nice blue {almost like a denim blue} hardcover, with gold foil lettering. I am pleased with it and recommend it to anyone! ! 🙂


This Bible is a great price on Amazon right now!

Thank you Crossway for sending me this Bible for review. 🙂

Author: Sandy

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