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Family Crafting: Art Projects Perfect For Jazzing Up Your Home

Last updated on August 26, 2019

Do you love to craft? Are you on the lookout for some summer crafting projects to do with your little ones while they are off of school? If the answer to both of those questions is yes, then you have come to the right place. Crafting with your kids can not only be a lot of fun, but it can also be a great way to keep them occupied while they’re off school. Plus, studies have shown that art is therapeutic and can help to relieve tension, stress, and worry in children and adults alike. Crafting is a great activity to do with your little ones; it’s just a case of choosing the perfect projects to do, that’s all.

Crayon wall art

Crayon wall art is wonderfully bright, vibrant and fun – it’s perfect for kids. Give each child a canvas and let them pick enough crayons to line up across the top of the canvas. Using a strong glue, carefully stick the crayons down in a line across the top of the canvas. For this, spray glue guns can work well, as can using super glue. Whichever glue you use, just make sure to watch your little ones around it. Once the glue has dried, use a hairdryer set to hot to carefully melt some of the wax from the crayons, so that it runs down the canvas, creating a pretty pattern. Leave to dry, and then you can display the piece.


Do your kids love to collage? If so, perhaps mosaic making could be a great craft project to do with them. For this, you will need a piece of strong plyboard for each child, a selection of pretty mosaic tiles, strong glue, and grout. A pair of tile cutters may also come in handy for cutting and shaping tiles that are too large to use. Ask each child to create a piece of tile art by placing tiles onto their board and sticking them carefully down – remind them to place the tiles as close together as possible. Then, once the glue has dried and all the tiles are in place, cover the entire design in grout, ensuring that all of the gaps between the tiles are filled, before wiping grout off of the top of the design. You can opt to buy ready to use grout, or you can buy grout powder and mix your own – it’s up to you.

Glue gun waterfall

Do you have a glue gun? If so, creating a glue gun waterfall could be a great craft project. Spend an hour or so hunting outdoors for rocks, pebbles, and moss. For this project, you will also need a tray with sides of at least an inch high, and a glue gun and glue sticks. In the tray, use some of the rocks and pebbles to create the base of the waterfall – aka the pond the water goes into, then at one end stack more rocks to build the height of the waterfall. In between the rocks, place the moss, securing it with glue. Fill the pond at the bottom of the waterfall with clear glue and wait for it to dry, before bringing stands of glue down from the waterfall stack to the pond, to create the waterfall itself.

There you have it, a few family craft projects that perfect for using to jazz up your home decor, and are a lot of fun to do as a family.

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