Feeling Cool & Working Out!

It feels so nice out right now…what a nice break from the heat! Actually earlier today, it wasn’t so bad. Pretty warm, but not unbearably hot.

Last night Brian brought home the most fattening & delicious ice cream. (He works at Cold Stone). Banana ice cream w/ bananas, nestle crunch bar, coconut & pecans! OH MY GOSH! To die for! I’ve actually had it before at Cold Stone. It’s called “Monkey Bites”. I had 2 small bowls today, so I’m feeling terribly guilty! LOL! I’ve gotten back into my workout routine, and have been doing great. Cutting out a few snacks here & there, and now this!! Ha ha ha!! πŸ˜› Oh well…..gotta enjoy things like this sometimes, huh? It’s too bad there’s a bunch more in the freezer…..

Ok, back to working out…I’ve been workout out in the mornings to Body Sculpting w/ Gilad, and to my Gilad aerobic/toning DVD’s. I find that working out in the mornings works out great. It gives me energy and I feel great! After a long day of chasing a very mobile toddler, by the end of the day, I’m pooped! LOL! (Does that count as exercise, too) πŸ˜€
After a whole dang month of leftover birthday cake (well nearly a month), I gained a few pounds.(like 2 or 3) Did I mention we had half a sheet cake and an 8 inch cake for Jacey’s Birthday? Don’t ask why…LOL! Well, the 8 inch one was a freebie, and for Jacey, but of course she doesn’t eat THAT much! πŸ˜›

So, now I’m rambling on, so I’m gonna run. It’s so nice out, maybe we’ll go out for a walk. Jacey would love a wagon-ride. πŸ™‚


3 thoughts on “Feeling Cool & Working Out!

  1. I just randomly stumbled across your site and thought I’d leave you a comment πŸ™‚
    The weather’s pretty decent where I live today, too! It’s nice. And I like your smileys, btw! :mrgreen: they’re fun.!

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