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Four Ways to Give Your Teenager the Outlet They Need

Raising teenagers is a tough commitment. Social pressures, academic demands and biological changes make this period of life stressful for teens and their parents. It’s important for adolescents to find healthy outlets for their stress and to search for positive activities to fill their free time. This can help teens build meaningful relationships and avoid poor choices and low self-esteem. Here are four ways to help your teenager develop a passion for a positive activity.

Help Them Pursue the Arts

Visual, musical and theatrical arts can foster creativity and community while teaching discipline and focus. Look for local singing opportunities for teenagers by searching for after school groups and travel choirs. Enroll your teen in art lessons or let them take a class on a medium of their choice at a local art studio. Encourage them to audition for an upcoming production at your nearby community theater, or help them shadow an experienced pro to learn how to work behind the scenes.

Let Them Try a Team Sport

Athletics are important for children and can help them create lifelong healthy habits to keep their bodies in good physical shape. Sports also require teamwork and a unified commitment to a single cause. Trying a team sport can also help them learn lifelong lessons about determination and disappointment, and how to handle life’s ups and downs with the help and support of others. If your child struggles to feel accepted at school, search for a local rec team to help them form new friendships in a neutral setting.

Support Their Interest in Religion

If your family or teenager is religious, joining a local youth group can be a great way to help them connect with other teens. This can also provide opportunities for safe and supervised social gatherings, as well as chances to work and serve others in need. In addition, you’ll be teaching your teenager to value the deeper meanings of life and how to ask tough questions about their own place in the world.

Cultivate Their Heart for Others

If you have a child who has a heart for their community, help them find an opportunity to serve on a regular basis. There are many local groups and organizations that are constantly in need of all types of help and support. Sadly, community service is often viewed as a punishment for local offenders. Instead, teach your child that helping others is both a good and necessary part of a happy life.

Talk with your teen about their interests and passions. Guide them towards a positive outlet to help them navigate life’s challenges and grow into adulthood with confidence and joy.

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