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Fun at the Zoo

Today was so much fun! We went to the zoo in San Francisco (about an hour away), and had the best time! It was amazing seeing all of the wild animals. Jacey just LOVED it…she was going nuts chatting away and pointing. It was adorable! 😀
My most favorite part was seeing the wild cats: the tigers, lions, & snow leopards. Oh my gosh, they were BEAUTIFUL!!! I took a ton of pics, I just hope they all turn out okay! 😉
Jacey really got excited over the ostrich birds, the gorillas, the bears, and the big cats, too. She really loved everything though! 🙂
The weather was really nice in S.F, too! It was around 68 degrees. Perfect for a day at the zoo. A nearly 20 degree difference from the temp. here at home!!! 😛
Well, I am off to look at my pics, and upload some to flickr…..


  1. Terri Terri June 18, 2006

    I am headed to flicker to see the pics. They have a BIG zoo in Atlanta that I haven’t been to. I love the one they have in Albany though =)

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