My Furbabies and their Vet appointments!

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First up is Frosty. We have been concerned because he is barely eating anymore and has lost weight. I took him to the vet and we had a right to be concerned. He has dental disease and has lost weight as a result of it. He is only 10 lbs. So skinny! 🙁

He was quite nervous at his checkup, but was a very good boy!

Frosty's Vet Checkup

Frosty's Vet Checkup

So, Frosty is 14 years old, which is equivalent to a 72 year old human. Wow!

An update on Frosty is at the end of this post…..

Frosty's Vet Checkup

Next up {1 week later} is Leo. His appointment was later in the afternoon, so Jadyn got to tag along. 🙂

Leo's Vet Checkup

He is a healthy kitty, but just like we suspected, he is overweight. This boy {at age 1 year 7 months} is a whopper at 21.2 lbs!

He was a little nervous at his checkup as well….but did great!

You really can’t tell from these pics, but he is quite big!

Leo's Vet Checkup

Leo's Vet Checkup

Here is another pic of our big boy…..He is something else! 😉


As for Frosty and his dental disease, he is scheduled {today in fact} for a dental cleaning. {I dropped him off this morning and will pick him up later this afternoon.} If there are any other problems, they will address them….so hopefully this will help him so he isn’t in pain while eating…and can eat more like he should.

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