Gather at The Manger

This year the church Christmas program was called “Gather at the Manger”. My hubby, Jace was the narrator, and both my girls were in it. It was a nice program, and everyone did great. My girls looked so pretty! Here’s a pic before the program:

Christmas Program

An during….

Jadyn and the other preschoolers sang ‘Away in a Manger”.
Christmas Program

Jacey was a shepherd and sang several songs.
Christmas Program

Jacey can be shy at times, but she sang every song-and did a great job! Both my girls did!

Oh, here’s a pic of the hubby in suit & tie! 😉
This was after the program:
Christmas Program

Afterwards, everybody enjoyed food together in the gym and exchanged Christmas cards. I probably wrote over 75 cards…LOL! I don’t remember exactly how many, but it was for everyone in the church directory. Phew….my hand was TIRED after that…haha! 😉

There are lots more photos on my Flickr site (for members with F&F status). =)

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