Getting Fit

I know that I need to eat better. It’s not like I eat a lot of junk, but I don’t really restrict myself with food. I also have the habit of snacking while watching tv at night–which is not good. I think that single reason is why I haven’t lost the 7-8 lbs that I want to lose. I have also noticed that with getting older, and not being on a regular exercise schedule, I am not toned like I used to be. I really need to get into better shape. I’m not trying to be perfect, but I want to be as healthy as I can be.
So, this morning I went on a bike ride with my hubby. I pulled Jadyn in the bike cart behind me. We rode for about 22 minutes, I’d say.
Also, yesterday I signed up with Beach Body and ordered the 10 Minute Trainer by Tony Horton. He is a well known trainer, and I thought that this fitness routine would be good for someone like me! It looks pretty interesting & has received great reviews! My hubby is also going to do it with me. I’m excited to start! Yes, you know I love to bake….and with the holidays coming up–well, it might be tough. I’m still going to bake-because my girls and I love it. I’m sure I’ll still eat what I bake (’cause it’s good!), but I will be careful about it. So anyways, I’ll post progress here on my blog…so stay tuned! πŸ˜‰

Author: Sandy

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