The Gift of Heaven {Book Review}

The Gift of Heaven by Charles F. Stanley

Book Description

Dr. Charles Stanley is one of the most recognizable teachers and pastors in the world, having sold more than 11 million books through HarperCollins Christian Publishing. The Gift of Heaven, his first book on heaven, answers a strong felt need among consumers who have questions about God and what happens after we die. Drawn from a popular sermon series that Dr. Charles Stanley delivered at First Baptist Church in Atlanta, Georgia, this teaching has never before been available in book form. The Gift of Heaven will appeal broadly to existing fans of Dr. Stanley as well as believers and nonbelievers alike who have questions about heaven.

Messages on Heaven, one of Dr. Stanley’s most-loved sermon series, has touched thousands of churchgoers with its encouraging, instructive teaching. Newly adapted for print for the first time, The Gift of Heaven will include topics such as:

-Heaven Is a Gift and a Relationship
-A Place Prepared for You
-What Will Be in Heaven? (and What Will Not)
-Those You Love in Heaven
-The Door to Heaven Is Open
-The Best Is Yet to Come

This beautifully designed, four-color gift book will be a source of encouragement and inspiration for the weary traveler on earth who seeks his heavenly home. With similar design elements to those that made Christmas: A Gift for Every Heart so successful with a wide audience, The Gift of Heaven will be both visually appealing and theologically compelling.

Dr. Stanley’s proven history of sales, combined with a compelling topic and excellent design, will carry this book through evergreen sales for years to come.

I really love this book! It is filled with beautiful photography and is such a wonderful read. Ever wondered about Heaven? Well, Charles F. Stanley explores a lot of the questions that you may have about Heaven. This book would be a wonderful addition to your library and would make an excellent gift!

The Gift of Heaven

The Gift of Heaven

Thank you for providing me with a copy of this book.

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