Gift ideas for the plant lover

So… who has become a plant parent over the last 8 months? I admit, I have always loved gardening and plants, and have always had plants around…but this year my (indoor) plant family has grown substantially!  ๐Ÿ™‚

I wanted to share some great ideas with you all for plant themed gifts for the plant lover in your family. If you want to jump right to my entire list, you can do so HERE.  :o)

Now, on to some fun ideas–shown in pictures! I have many of these products. Those I don’t have, I know I would love to receive as a gift. All of these items are available on 



So that’s the list for now. Like I said, the complete list is here, if you want to take a look. Thanks for reading! Have a wonderful Christmas!

Also, if you are interested, I have a plant album on Flickr with many of the different plants that I own, here.


Author: Sandy

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