Various goodies ordered from Aliexpress….

I’ve recently found this site that I love, called They have a huge variety of goods, ranging from clothing, to electronics to household gadgets. I’ve found that they have the cutest stationary items. I’ve placed quite a few orders from them with no problems at all. Everything that I’ve received from them was just as stated on their website, and I’ve been happy with everything I’ve received. The only downfall, {which really isn’t a deal-breaker} is that it takes longer to arrive in the mail. After all, it IS coming from China. My items have taken an average of 2 weeks to arrive.

Here are a few of the goodies I’ve bought from

I just got these pens today. I send a lot of mail due to postcrossing, Swap-bot, and having family & friends far away, so I like to have a variety of pens {& stationary items}. These are great! They are 0.4mm – super fine tips.

Here’s a closer look…

Here are some super cute postcards that I bought there as well…

These are just a few items. I’ve bought a lot of postcards, and other various things. Aren’t they so cute? No way could I find postcards like this where I live. 😉
There aren’t many stores, local or online that have such a variety as The prices are good, too! I always opt for the free shipping. I’m sure items would arrive a lot faster if I paid for shipping, possibly. I know they have different options on shipping, usually.

Just one more item!
Cutesy gel pen with colored refills. {Why, yes. I am a pen-o-holic!}

By the way, this isn’t a sponsored post. I’m just excited by all of the cute things I am finding on, and wanted to share. 😉

I am awaiting some cute “camera” rubber stamps and a few mini-notebooks. They should be arriving any day now. 😀

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