Grandpa D's 90th!

This past Friday we went to South Dakota to visit the inlaws. My hubby’s grandfather was turning 90 and a big Birthday party was being thrown for him. The girls had a fun time at their grandma & grandpa D’s house. They got to see their cousins and had a blast!

Grandpa’s Birthday was a memorable one. Lots of family gathered to celebrate him turning 90. :mrgreen:

Here are just a few photos from the time we spent there….

S.D. trip-May 2013

S.D. trip-May 2013

Here is grandpa with his cake! He had a great time, and I know he was excited to see all of his family gathered together. Lots of photos were taken–that’s for sure. :mrgreen:

S.D. trip-May 2013

There are many more on my FLICKR….so go check them out. Most are marked “Friends & Family”….so you’ll have to have a Flickr account and be on my contact list for friends & family. By the way…Flickr is now offering all users a terabyte of space! Before…users that were not “pro” were only allowed to upload 200 photos. That has since changed! Go get yourself an account! πŸ˜€

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