Healthy Living 101: Simple Tips on How to Live a Healthier and Happy Life

A happy and healthy life is essential for everyone. We often feel better when we look out for our physical well being. Living a healthy and happy life might seem like a daunting task; however, you will soon be thrilled to keep going once you start to see its benefits.

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Quit Smoking

According to research, smokers are likely to die seven years sooner than the typical healthy person. The American Heart Association states that after twenty minutes of smoking, your blood pressure and heart rate recover from the spikes induced by nicotine, and you are likely to die from lung cancer after ten years of smoking.

Get Some Sleep

Never ignore the significance of a good night’s sleep. Lack of enough sleep can make you irritable the next day. According to various studies, getting good quality sleep helps improve various health issues like high blood sugar. Sleeping gives your heart and vessels a time to rest, lowering your blood pressure. High blood pressure can result in a heart illness, including stroke. Strive to get a minimum of 7 to 8 hours of sleep every night.


Relaxation methods can drastically help reduce stress symptoms that come with the busy life we live. Enjoy a better life by seeking professional advice and help from a doctor from The Memphis Medical Society.


Regular exercise is an essential way of relieving stress since it helps rid the body of stress-energy. The first thing to do is to find the thing that you enjoy doing; there is no need to push yourself to the limit. Think of the things that you can do to move your body, even if it is just for some few minutes.

Eat Actual Food

Seventy percent of our calories come from processed food, which is a major cause of obesity, heart ailment and diabetes. A balanced diet for optimum energy should be high in vegetables and fruits, lean protein, low-fat dairy as well as whole grains. Additionally, go for fresh frozen fruits and vegetables, particularly those that are nutrient-dark like broccoli and orange vegetables.

Spend Time with Friends and Family

Friendship involves nurturing, ignore a good friend, and you will be on the losing end.

Try your best to see your friends as much as you can if you get the time. Having good and supportive friends helps you buffer life’s challenges quite well.

Learn a New skill

What do you enjoy doing every day? Is it cooking or writing, or even listening to your favorite music? Go for it. Putting some effort into the thing that you love doing will help you use and spare your energy in ways that will draw out the best in you.

Spend Some Time in Nature

There are many things that you can do outside. You can get your hands dirty by gardening to make yourself happy. The microscopic organisms in the soil get into contact with your skin and trigger more serotonin, a neurotransmitter that increases moods.

Physical exercise can seem like the best way to live a healthy and happy life. However, some diet changes like incorporating alcohol to your diet can be helpful too. Be on the lookout for unhealthy living signs like obesity, weakness, lack of endurance and general poor health.

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