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Is every day the same at your home: Crammed between rushed breakfast before going to work or school – if you don’t skip breakfast due to lack of time –, quick lunch on the go, and a delivery pizza in front of the TV with the family? The struggle of a healthy lifestyle is real in our busy lives. More importantly, it can be difficult to introduce healthy habits if you don’t have any of the necessary kitchen tools and tips to make it work. Now is the perfect time to consider your consider and to identify everything that doesn’t help you to support a healthy lifestyle. Let’s ignore the processed foods and addictive sugary drinks, as they are an obvious no-go. But have you ever thought that your plates and bowls could be making you put on weight? No? Time to rethink what you know about your kitchen and to enhance it to embrace an effortless and healthy lifestyle.

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You Don’t Have The Right Cook- And Kitchenware

According to an article published in the Journal of Consumer Research, the size of your dinnerware and its color can play a significant role in how much you are eating every day. Indeed, when participants in an experiment were asked to pour themselves Campbell’s tomato soup into bowls of different sizes, it became obvious that bigger bowls naturally contains more, and that consequently, the brain supersizes the normal portion to fit the bowl. In other words, the participants overfilled large bowls and underfilled smaller ones. You could end up serving 31% more than you normally would if you use large dinnerware. So you can imagine the impact on your weight after a year! Additionally, if you combine the color of your food with the color of the plate, such as serving pasta with a red sauce on a red plate, you are more likely to overfill the plate.


But that’s not all. Using the wrong type of cookware can be just as disastrous for your health, especially if you are using cookware that needs a lot of fat as a non-stick coating. You need to work with naturally non-stick pans – Stone Frying Pans is a good address if you are looking to compare brands – that can cook ingredients with the minimum amount of fat. Ceramic cookware is a good choice as it is 100% and guaranteed without chemical and completely environmentally friendly.

You Don’t Have The Right Ingredients

The main reason for a poor diet is that you don’t have the right type of food in your kitchen. Keeping your kitchen cupboards filled with legumes and beans is a simple way of having a low-calorie option that is full of healthy proteins. That’s a change from a pack of fries! If you can, make sure to have an egg for breakfast, as you’ll be less likely to overeat during the day. Finally, start the day with a cup of green tea, a natural antioxidant and fights off the fat. It’s not your usual cup of coffee, but it works wonders!

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