Hogan Knows Best

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Ok, so I am sitting here dying laughing at this show. This episode is really funny!! It’s the one where Linda seeks the help of some health guru to help get her in shape. He is throwing away all of their food in their fridge…and Terry (Hulk Hogan) is not liking this guy at all! Hehee!!
Anyone else watch this show?

Jacey is napping right now, and Brian is off with friends. Earlier Jacey & I went to Wal-Mart to try to find cute birthday wrapping paper, but had no such luck. I’m thinking maybe later (or tomorrow) we’ll go to Toys’R Us or look at Target.

Oops, Jacey just woke…gotta run…

2 thoughts on “Hogan Knows Best

  1. Terri

    Oh my gosh I love your weather way better than mine!
    As soon as I get tomorrows test behind me I am going to copy you ha! Have a great night! Hugs.

  2. Azaria

    Your weather thing is so cool! ^_^ I have to admit I liked the other layout better, though. But the little stamp with the hug cow is so cute! Oh and forget about the glitter sig. You’re just too busy it looks like. 😛 Have a good day! 😉


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