The Home Team: God's Game Plan For The Family {Book Review}

The Home Team  God s Game Plan for the Family  Clint Archer  9781633420847  Books

The Home Team: God’s Game Plan For The Family

*141 Pages

About the book:

Using illustrations and analogies from the world of sports, The Home Team by Clint Archer presents the Christian family as a team. He highlights the one-flesh union of husband and wife as the fundamental team for God s design of society, the family, and marriage. Facing challenges together this cohesive team must not allow division to weaken their union. As children are added, Mom and Dad play their unique and essential roles to strengthen the expanding team. The family must close ranks on opponents to God s design, tackle obstacles, and fortify the bonds in their huddle. In the unity and synergy of teamwork each player is uniquely positioned to advance the team s objective. The goal is to give God glory, and enjoy the blessings and joy that come with obedience.

What do I like about this book? It is a great, not so typical, and somewhat short book that is Biblically based. I like how Clint Archer compares building your family to building a sports team. They are more similar than you would think. I’m not a sports fan, really, but I enjoyed the comparisons made in this book. This book really explains the importance of family, our roles as parents, and how to live and build your family as God intended. I recommend that you read it! You will gain a lot from it. 🙂

About the Author:

About the Author
Clint Archer is a graduate of the Master’s Seminary (MDiv, ThM, DMin), and presently serves as the senior pastor of Hillcrest Baptist Church. He is an enthusiastic blogger, writer, international speaker and has published books on doctrine, pastoral ministry, and missions. Clint has been married to Kim since 2002 and they presently have four children. He contributes weekly to His include motorbiking, martial arts, travel, dating his beautiful wife, taking his four kids to the beach and eating.

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