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How to Maintain Your Heater

During the winter season, most people rely on their heater each day to increase the internal temperature of their home. The heater can create a cozy and comfortable setting when harsh weather conditions arrive. If you want to keep the chill away, there are a few important steps to take to maintain your HVAC system.

Clean the Parts

For peak performance, it’s necessary to clean the different components of the HVAC system. Replace the filter every one to six months, which will also improve the air quality in the home. If it’s allergy season or you have pets that live in the property, the air filter should be replaced more frequently. Choose a filter that is rated MERV 7-11.

The evaporator and condenser air conditioning coils should also be wiped down, which can cause the system to run longer and will increase your utility bills. You can also clean the adjuster blower components to improve the airflow of the HVAC system and improve the efficiency of the product.

Cleaning the product will also require that you remove all leaves, twigs, and debris that has accumulated during the season. It’s also necessary to cut back bushes and trees that are in proximity to the product to ensure that the airflow is not interrupted. You may want to remove trees that have pollen and are in the same yard of the unit.

Check the Connections

Checking the different connections on the HVAC system will prevent the appliance from becoming a fire hazard and will also avoid health issues for residents in the home. Hire an HVAC Hampton VA professional to examine the gas or oil connections, the heat exchanger, gas pressure, and the burner combustion. Inspecting the unit will allow it to operate more safely and can reduce the risk of problems that develop.

Set the Programmable Thermostat

A programmable thermostat will prevent the HVAC unit from being used more than necessary and should be set during the colder months of the year. Setting the thermostat will prevent the parts from working too hard and can increase its lifespan. Setting the thermostat can also reduce your household’s energy usage.

Maintaining a warm and comfortable interior setting will require you to provide the right maintenance and care to your HVAC unit. By inspecting and cleaning the parts, you can allow it to run more efficiently while boosting its longevity.

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