How to Prepare Yourself For a Surgery

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Sometimes, surgery is the only option if you are not well or if you have sustained an injury that requires you to get patched up. It’s always a scary thought that you are going to be put under anesthesia and when you wake up, you’re going to be fixed. Although your doctor is going to tell you what to do physically before your surgery there are also mental preparations that need to be addressed. Here are a few ways you can emotionally prepare yourself for surgery.


Review Your Procedure


Before your surgery, ask your doctor for all the information you need regarding your surgery. The night before, review what is going to happen so that you are fully aware of the changes your body is going to go through. Many people don’t want to know, but it can bring a sense of calm to you knowing what is happening during and what you will feel like after the surgery. Knowing everything will stop your mind from wandering and wondering as you try to sleep before the big day. 


Meditate Before Bed


Meditating before bed will clear your mind and allow you to rest your brain before sleep. A restful brain will fall asleep faster and you can feel fully rested for the morning. Most surgeries are early in the day, so going to bed early and getting as much sleep as possible is essential. A quieted mind will also prevent you from having bizarre dreams at night that may cause you to be more anxious than you would normally be. Rest that brain so that you can rest your body. 


Talk To Your Medical Team


When you get to the hospital, even though you are going to be very nervous, talk to the nurses, residents, and doctors you come in contact with. Say hello to the receptionist as soon as you walk in, in other words, be your usual self as if this is a normal situation. Talking to people and getting to know the people who are going to be taking care of you and performing the procedure on you will make you feel at ease and will build trust. Ask any medical malpractice attorney and they will tell you that when patients communicate well with their doctor, they can pick up on whether or not the physician knows what he or she is doing. 


Ask Your Doctor About Post-Surgery


One of the ways to soothe your mind before a major procedure is knowing what is going to happen when you are done. For a lot of people, being able to visualize what is going to happen next brings them comfort. As you are preparing to go into the operating room, visualize leaving the room, going to recovery, and being treated by the nurses in the room. Having this line of thinking straight through to recovery will help you generate good energy and give off positive vibes for your procedure, and good energy helps everyone perform at their best.

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