How to Protect Your Mental Health in a pandemic

2020 has felt like going through a long, dark tunnel for most of us. It’s no secret that this year has had significant challenges- it’s no wonder that we’re coming to the end of the year with a sense of dread, rather than the usual optimism of a new year. 


One of the kindest things we can do as the pandemic continues is to look after our mental health. 

Here are some simple ways to help keep your head above the water. 


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Watch where you get your news from 


Make sure you get the information you do need from viable sources and not from your group chat or from the latest meme floating around Instagram. 


The news can be a great platform to get the information you need about the goings on around the world that you need. While it’s important to stay informed and up to date with everything going on, you also need to limit your exposure in order to protect your mental health.


Listen to Your Energy Levels  


It is incredibly important to make sure that you listen to your energy levels and only do the things you feel capable of completing. Rest is the one thing that will help you to tackle these things head on. 


Sleep is probably one of the most important things to get enough of for our overall mental and physical health, as well as for our wellbeing. This is especially true during traumatic periods of our lives. 


Even if it means treating yourself to a nap now and again, being energised is going to be incredibly beneficial to support your mental wellbeing. 


Reach Out And Seek Help 


During times of uncertainty, it’s natural to feel as though you’re being buried among the sand when you’ve overwhelmed. 


The phrase ‘we’re all in this together’ is extremely true right now. It means reaching out to friends and family when things seem more challenging than you’d like them to be, or by accessing some mental health services online such as who use their expert skills and training to help bring you back to a better place. 


There’s never any shame in seeking professional help, and a pandemic is just as good a time as any to get the support you need. 


Remember: This Isn’t Forever 


There have been huge pandemics in historical times, but they are just that- in history. They didn’t last forever, and neither will this one. This means we won’t have to stay home forever without seeing our friends and families. Celebrations will happen again, and when they do, they will be bigger and better than ever before.


See this as a time that made you stronger, not weaker–a time for lessons learned and a gathering of stories to share with the future generations about the most challenging times.


For now, keep strong. Reach out if you need help, and keep washing your hands and keeping your distance until things get better. 

We will get through this, together.

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