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How to Use Workout Supplements

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If you want to build muscle fast or tone up your muscles to improve your conditioning, whey protein is the first thing you should buy. Whey protein is derived from milk which contains two properties, whey and casein. Whey is 20% of milk, casein the other 80%. 


Whey protein powder builds muscle better and leaner than any other product on the market. The amino acids contained in whey are delivered to the bloodstream within 90 minutes, meaning your muscles grow faster and stronger than after workouts. To gain the best purchase from your workouts opt for a whey supplement. 



If you talk to people who don’t know about creatine they might tell you the supplement increases the water weight of your muscles. This is partially true, but it isn’t the only thing that creatine is good for. Using this supplement can improve your workout performance and build more muscle over the long term.


It’s true that creatine increases the water weight in your muscles and increases their size, in doing so, however, the supplement draws fluid into the cells and stretches the membrane to signal more muscle protein synthesis. Creatine provides better long term muscle growth following your workout and can be purchased at an online supplement store.



BCAA stands for branched-chain amino acids. They include leucine, isoleucine, and valine. But what are they and how do they improve your workout? Firstly, BCAAs turn on muscle-protein synthesis in muscle cells which improves your muscle growth over time. 


Furthermore, this supplement complements other supplements to offer more purchase and better performance. BCAAs spike insulin levels that help glucose, amino acids, and creatine to reach muscle cells and do their job. You can take these supplements at any time. Before a workout will give you energy, after a workout will offer better recovery. 



During a workout the main energy source your body burns is glucose. This is supplied by stored glycogen within your muscle fibers. For an effective workout you need to make sure you have enough muscle glycogen in reserve or it will compromise your next workout. 


Following a workout you need to restore your energy and strength. The best way to do this is by using a fast acting complex carb called Vitargo, or Sugar Dextrose. These supplements will restore your reserve of glycogen in the muscles. Instead of supplements you might use some candies or white bread and potatoes. 



Casein is what milk is mostly made of, but it differs slightly from Whey for the purposes of supplementing your workout. Whey is very fast acting and encourages muscle repair and growth post workout. Casein, however, is far slower, taking up to 7 hours to deliver its amino acids. 


However this longer period also helps strengthen and grow your muscles. It’s shown that using additional Casein can improve muscle growth much more than using Whey alone. It’s recommended to add some Casein to your diet before bed after your workout. You can easily add some milk to your nightly protein shake. 

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