It’s Time to Start Planning Your New Year’s Resolutions

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We’re fast approaching the end of the year and many of us are looking forward to turning a new leaf and getting started with 2021. So, chances are, you’ve been considering a few new year’s resolutions already. Every year, hundreds of thousands of us make new year’s resolutions and every year, many of us fail to stick to them. Why? Well, often it’s because we haven’t put all too much thought into what we want to change and we aren’t doing something that we can put our all into. By starting to plan your resolutions now, you can come up with something you’re truly dedicated to, rather than making a rushed last minute decision, and can give yourself better chances of succeeding. Now, if you’re stuck for ideas, here are a few common resolutions that people make that might appeal to you too!


Kick Bad Habits


Some of the most common resolutions tend to involve kicking bad, addictive habits. These can range from smoking to excessive alcohol consumption to drug use. Of course, this will be a very difficult resolution to keep up due to the addictive nature of the substances you’re trying to remove from your life. But it is possible! Plus, nowadays, there’s more support out there than ever. Whether that’s a support group, quitting aids like nicotine patches or rehabilitation clinics. You can find American Addiction Centers reviews here. What’s important is that you try and that you maintain willpower. Succeeding in this can make a profoundly positive change to your life, your health and your overall wellbeing, so it’s worth the effort.


Reduce Your Sugar Intake


Another common resolution is reducing your sugar intake. Now, having some sugar here and there really isn’t problematic. But nowadays, many of us are consuming way too much sugar on a regular basis. There are a number of health consequences that can result from excessive sugar consumption, including weight gain, poor oral health and tooth decay. Generally speaking, you should do your utmost to avoid “free sugars”. These are commonly added to food and drinks unnecessarily to make the food or drink sweeter and moreish. Common free sugars can be found in fizzy drinks, biscuits, sweets, cakes and chocolates. Try to keep these things as occasional treats rather than something you eat on a daily basis. If you do find yourself craving something sweet, opt for something with natural sugars in its makeup, which also provides health benefits, such as fruit.


Spend Less Time on Social Media


Sure, social media can be useful for catching up with friends and family. But all too many of us use it for hours on end with no real gain. These websites and apps are designed to keep you scrolling so that they can advertise to you. But avoid this. You’ll end up wasting your day away and becoming dependent on social media for entertainment, when really, most of us are pretty bored most of the time that we’re using it. Track your usage and put a limit on the amount of time you’ll spend on it each day.


These are just a few potential resolutions. If none are applicable to you, spend a little time drafting up your own!

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