Jacey's 1st Field Trip in 1st Grade!

Last week Jacey had her very first field trip in 1st Grade. All of the 1st graders at her school went to Essentia Health Hospital to learn about what happens if they ever have to make a trip to the hospital. She came home with a bag of goodies and her very own certificate that says she passed the “Operation Band-Aid” program. Operation Big Band Aid is an educational & entertaining look inside of a hospital. The kids get to participate in a mock hospital setting….role play the part of someone entering the hospital to get a tonsillectomy, from the patient’s admission to their discharge. She really enjoyed it! In her bag of “goodies”, she got medical supplies like a mask, band-aids, rubber gloves…etc… The usual things you would see in the hospital, or when you take a trip to the doctor’s office. 🙂 Of course when she came home from school that day, I got to be her “patient”…hehe. 🙂

Operation Big Band Aid [field trip]

Author: Sandy

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