Jadyn's Preschool Christmas program

Jadyn’s Christmas program was this past Friday.Thankfully, she was feeling good on this day. [This was just before she got sick again.] 🙁

It was a cute program! I went, but Jason had to stay home with Jacey who was sick. Surely, I took video and pics, and here are just a couple to share.

There is my Boo in the silver dress. Let me tell you, that barrette of hers almost falling out was driving me crazy the whole time I was sitting there, but I really didn’t want to interrupt the program…LOL! I didn’t get a chance to fix it before the program because they got started really quickly…and I didn’t notice it then. Gahhh!

Anyways, isn’t she a doll?

Preschool Christmas Program 2012

Afterwards, they all got a balloon and some treats, and we stayed for refreshments.
Preschool Christmas Program 2012

I also HAD to get a picture of Jadyn & her teacher, which by the way is leaving. This was her last day—as she is having a baby soon!

Jadyn & her preschool teacher

Look at these photos. Jadyn in her 1st year of preschool….after the Christmas Program…and the current. She’s grown so much!

Jadyn's Preschool Christmas Program [2011] Jadyn & her preschool teacher

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