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Just rambling on….

Looks like it will be another hot day today! It’s probably around 85 degrees right now.

So, did you see my splash page??!!! 10 days until JACEY’S FIRST BIRTHDAY! Oh my gosh, I can hardly believe it!!!

Lots of new things have been happening! Jacey said the work “duck” yesterday. She pointed to a picture of one, and plainly said “Duck”! I was so surprised, but very excited!! 😀 She has also been standing on her own a LOT, lately! She’s getting more sure of herself now, so she’ll let go, and just stand there, holding on to nothing. Which reminds me…I have a video of it on dropshots. Dropshots is where I keep the most recent video clips of family, etc… Check it out!
WARNING! On the video where Jacey stands up, I have a kind of “freak-out” and sound pretty dorky, so don’t mind me…LOL! 😛
I also took some photographs of Jacey outside yesterday, and played with them a bit in PSP X. They are on my flickr site. Flickr, not Frappr (TERRI)! Ha ha ha!! 😛 They turned out nice, too! 🙂
{The link is right on the left} 😉

More later! Toodles!


  1. Terri Terri June 20, 2006

    I went to the right one this time Sandy *faints* ha!

    Awe Miss Jacey is growing up way to fast! I am going to dropshots to the video =).

    I hope it didn’t get too hot there today? It was so hot in our computer lab so I know how you feel.

  2. mendifae mendifae June 21, 2006

    aww, your little jacey is adorable and the video is so sweet!

    Thanks for plugging your site on my board! I have enjoyed my visit!

  3. Trista Trista June 21, 2006

    Your little Jacey is the sweetest thing. I really enjoyed the video. I am looking forward to many more milestones, as my first born, Joshua has just turned 6mo this week. Happy Birthday to Jacey…a little early!

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