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Keto: 4 weeks in!

Last updated on September 8, 2019

So I am 4 weeks into this Ketogenic diet, or shall I say, Lifestyle. 🙂

Things I have noticed since I have started Keto and intermittent fasting:

-I have energy! Lots of it. I no longer have those afternoon slumps where I feel like I absolutely must lie down or take a nap. I keep myself busy, and am finding myself doing more that I love.

-My carb and sugar cravings are pretty much gone. I do make on occasion, a Keto friendly snack or dessert, with a natural sugar substitute. However, I find that I am just not craving sweets anymore.

-The things that I eat, are keeping me full. I don’t feel like I need a snack several times a day. I also do not feel like I am missing out on anything. This blew my mind. I eat 2 meals a day now, and am satisfied! 😀

-Weight Loss. Now, I did not record my starting weight into my Fitbit or Carb Manager app, so I am guessing what my starting weight was. I want to say that it was roughly around 138 lbs. Could have even been 139. As of today, February 18th, I am 131 lbs. I am happy! I will say that I have been truly focused on Keto and have not worked out as much. Maybe once or twice a week, but that is about to change. 😉 I definitely want to get back into my routine of walking on the treadmill, yoga & pilates.

So that is it. I am just blown away by how amazing this Ketogenic diet {or as I like to say: Lifestyle} has helped me to look and feel better!

If you want to learn more about it, youtube is great. I recommend watching Dr. Berg’s videos. He is so knowledgable, is easy to listen to. and explains everything so well. I also came across this video yesterday, and this lady also explains Keto & Intermittent fasting wonderfully!

As Dr. Berg says: It’s not “Lose weight to get healthy”…’s “Get healthy to lose weight!” So true! 😀

Have a great day!

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